Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues Fight Journal

Woah.. Its been a crazy two weeks... Seriously. I am in between mommy
duty, teaching classes and organizing the next Fight card for
February! Can u say it with me.. Insanity!! I am taking a new class at
my gym, which is great its MMA style conditioning which could not have
come at a better time. Being about 6 weeks out of my next fight..
Well, and here comes the tricky part...I no longer have an opponent
FOR my next fight, which was scheduled for March 20 th. They are
however, trying to find a new one for me. What is meant to be will be,
I truly believe that. Am I bummed? Yes, very much so, but I also know
by now that it's part of the game and it happens.. I'm not retiring
anytime soon..( laughs) so if I'm meant to fight at GFight, I will and
go 2-1 cuz I'm not liking my record blemish;-) So for the time being I
have decided to compete in my first NAGA tourney this Sat, Feb 6th.
Last time I was training for my first grappling match, I dislocated my
knee two weeks out and was completely out of comission. I'm super
amped up for it, I'm not really nervous at all. I think the fact that
shoot, I have already got in the cage and had MMA fights, I can handle
just the jiu jitsu part at this point. Plus, I think its a great
experience for me to concentrate on just my ground game and see where
I'm at. Thanks to Slade, who has become a really true friend to me
this past year, I will be all geared up in my "Tussle" Looking all
cute n stuff to get all messed up, hair all over the place, gotta love
it! If you don't know Slade in the MMA scene he is a huge advocate of
female fighters, sponsors many of us and helps out so many of us who
would have otherwise been completely looked over. He is by far just
the guy that.."sends u a t-shirt" and calls himself your sponsor. He
was there for me after my last fight, which I had lost and was just in
a really bad place and he is just there for you whenever, to make you
laugh or just to listen OR to send u funny faces through your Iphone.
So.. Some love and a big fat shoutout to the guy that does everything
for everyone and deserves so so much back in return. Thank you
So, as far as my training is going, its been fantastic. I'm thinking
I'm very close to getting my blue in GI, my standup is improving
everyday, I'm loving jiu jitsu class and all in all feeling much more
rounded. I have been meeting up with Jorge Rivera to get in some cross
training as well, which is so important for every fighter, to stand or
to roll or whatever with different people with different styles. So my
husband and I have been taking his invite up to Sat MMA classes at Tim
Burrills in RI and its been awesome. The guys there have been really
inviting and helpful and I am definitely going to continue training
wherever and with whomever I can as often as I can. So.. Thats about
it for now. Congratulations to Ms.Sarah "Piranha" Goodlaxson for her
armbar victory last night and until next time..Do what ya do;-)...xo

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