Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Amanda Butz Interview

Amanda Butz is very easy to describe. One word comes to my mind, That word is...... AWESOME. First there is Amanda Butz the competitor. Look at photos of her on stage and she always in top shape and always looks AWESOME. Then there is the Amanda Butz who is such a great Representative for the Fitness industry. She knows what she is doing and knows what she is talking about. Amanda has a wealth of knowledge and and is proof of what hard work can produce. It produces someone who is AWESOME. Then there is the part I most like. Amanda Butz the person. There was a time when I was frustrated with things and ready to quite my own training. Amanda, not knowing me from a hole in the wall, took time to encourage me and motivate me. Not just with one simple message on Facebook. But with multiple ones. She said all the things I needed to hear to let me know I was on the right track and I could achieve my goals. She did this because she is AWESOME. Here is my interview with this AWESOME woman.

Q: First Amanda I want to thank you for taking the time to do this. I really appreciate it.
Thank you for the opportunity and the interest to know a bit about me:-)

Q: Can you start out by just telling a little bit about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: Honestly, I could write a novel. But to make a long story short: I was born in Arkansas, lived in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona. Attended 14 schools (5 high schools) I swear I wasn't a bad kid. My mom was a traveling nurse and my dad retired from the government when I was 8. I was a very shy kid, so it was hard to make friends. And I looked like a boy, so boys weren't always interested in me. Luckily, I met my husband in a gym when I was 19. We got married when I turned 20, started having babies when I was 21, by the age of 23 I birthed 2 boys and began competing in figure 3 months after my 2nd was born. I worked in the medical field since I was 18 and had to quit my job for childcare purposes when I turned 24. I was personal training at local gyms and out of my home, then developed a business plan and opened Healthy Butz Fitness Club at the age of 24. Been in business for 3 years and still competing, working with a great supplement company(Panthera Labs) and I love working in the fitness industry.

Q: Before getting into the gym, were you an athletic person, play
any sports or anything?
A: I began weight lifting and playing sports in the 7th grade. Volleyball, basketball, track(pole vault, sprints, and hurdles), and rugby. I played sports all through school until I graduated.

Q: What lead you into the gym initially?
A: I began learning the basics of lifting in 7th grade, and was able to get my first gym membership when I was about 14. During the summer, the gym was my main hangout.

Q: Was training something you picked up pretty quickly? How long before you saw results?
A: I was always good at training. I think that's why I liked it so much. It wasn't about the physical appearance for me. The results I loved, were the strength gains, and being able to lift more than the boys.

Q: Was competing the goal from day one, and if not, what led you to
A: I was not aware of the competitive sport of women's bodybuilding until I was 19. I used to model when I was 17,18 and gave it up when I moved to Arizona because I couldn't find the opportunities in my local community. When I was working at the front desk of a local gym, a good friend suggested I try competing in fitness to continue my modeling career. That's when the light bulb went off in my head to get involved in fitness. I did my research on fitness training and a fitness competitor helped me get started.

Q: Was competing something your family and friends supported at the
start, and how about now?
A: I have always had support from every person around me from the very beginning and still today. I'm very fortunate.

Q: Was the first show what you expected? Did anything surprise you?
A: My first show was very scary. I almost backed out. I just had a baby and didn't think my physique looked like a competitor. Luckily I placed 2nd and have been hooked ever since. I was surprised at how supportive all of the competitors were and the positive attitudes.

Q: Can you share your contest history.
A: Began in 2005 with the ABA/INBA competing in Physique, Bikini, Model, Fitness, Mixed Pairs, and won numerous titles in each category. I did my first NPC show in 2009 and tried doing a show every month. I went to Vegas for the USA's this year. I'm still learning and hope to do very well in the NPC one day.

Q: Do you have a favorite body part, or one that gets the most
A: My legs used to get the most compliments, but since I've had kids, my abs get the most compliments now. I'm very lucky that my body doesn't show any stretch marks or sagging.

Q: Favorite part to train or favorite exercise?
A: My butt is my favorite to train, mainly because my last name is Butz. However, I think my butt needs the most work.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like, and how does
it alter for contest prep?
A: I train 5-6 days a week and I teach 1-3 Zumba fitness classes a day. My workouts a quick and become more focused closer to competition. I am a vegetarian, so the normal bodybuilding diet is not the case for me. I eat alot of fruits, veggies, tofu, soy, grains, nuts, seeds, and beans.

Q: Does being a good looking woman make training hard at all? Maybe to many people talking to you or even trying to hit on you?
A: Everyone at my gym respects me and knows I am happily married, so I don't ever get hit on. Maybe because everyone knows how huge my husband is. Ha. It is a challenge working out at my own gym because of my focus on the phone ringing, the dirt on the crack next to the wall, the person next to me doing a bicep curl wrong, etc. But it comes with the territory of owning a gym and I accept it and work with it.

Q: When people see or hear you train or compete for the first time, what is the usual response? More positive or negative?
A: I think it depends on what type of people you are surrounded by. Any time I have a "Debbie downer" or negative person hanging around me, I immediately disconnect myself from that person. I believe that's why my support is so large. I do not tolerate negative people who try to bring me down.

Q: When they see or hear the first time, what is the one question you are sick of hearing?
A: "Is that YOU?" when people see photos of me. It's funny, but I get sick of hearing that.

Q: Are there any misconceptions about women who train, or things
you wish people knew?
A: I am still surprised at how many women still think that they will get bulky from lifting weights. I truly wish this misconception would go away.

Q: Do you have any favorites in the industry, or people you admire?
A: I don't like to single one person as my favorite because there are so many amazing people in the industry. But I have to say that the old school bodybuilders are the ones we should look up to the most because they are the ones who layed the pavement for this wonderful road of competitive bodybuilding.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: Cheesecake seems to be my favorite, but I'm lactose intolerant, so
you know what that means.

Q: You are also a trainer. What kind of services do you provide, and what are the benefits of being trained by Amanda Butz? How can they find out more or contact you?
A: I am a trainer and I design each program specific to each client's needs. I can be contacted through my website

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see people make when they start training?
A: Many people set unrealistic goals or don't want to change current habits to reach their goals.

Q: Outside of training and competing, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I am hooked to Zumba fitness. That is considered my hobby at the moment.

Q: can you describe a typical day in the life of Amanda Butz.
A: Oh day can change at any moment. If my day goes as planned, here's what it would look like. 2:30am alarm goes off for my husband....the bedroom light stays on when he leaves. 4am, my alarm goes off and I push snooze 3-4 times. (competition time I would get up for cardio at home on the treadmill) 5am (depending on who has kids) I go to the gym and begin personal training clients until 12pm. If I have an opening I will plug my workout routine into my time slot. Some days I leave the gym at 12, others I don't leave until 2 or 3. I have to pick my oldest son up from the bus stop and some days I will have my friend's 3 kids plus my 2 at my house until about 430-5pm. While I'm home for these few hours, I'm practicing choreography, checking emails, book keeping, sometimes I fit my workout in here if I didn't get to it. I begin getting my playlist ready and get my Zumba clothes on at 5pm. My husband gets home at about 530 and we have a quick meeting then I head off to the gym to usually teach a 6pm Zumba class and sometimes a 715 Zumba toning class following. I stay at the gym to work until 10pm(sometimes get my workout in at this time). Go home and get to bed by 1040-11pm.

Q: Favorite movie, actor, TV show, and musician?
A: Movie: Napoleon Dynamite Actor: Will Ferrel TV show: I have no idea what shows are even on Musician: Cumbia Kings, or anything Latin.

Q: What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?
A: People who know me....nothing surprises them:-) I lived out of my Geo Metro with all of my belongings including my full size electric piano when I was 18.

Q: Describe Amanda Butz in five words.
A: Glitter, Fluorescent, Unique, Energetic, Thankful

Q: Any set plans for 2010 as far as competing or any other projects?
A: I plan on competing in NPC again this year, I plan on working with Panthera at the Arnold Classic Expo in March, I plan on going to the Zumba master class with Vanessa with the NBA Suns vs Bulls game January 22nd, I will be going to Florida in August for the Zumba convention, I would love to get my clothing line up and running, and I plan on helping more people reach their fitness goals in 2010!

Q: Anything you want to take this chance to plug or promote?
A: Panthera Labs, Zumba Fitness, Healthy Butz Fitness Club.

Q:Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how can they contact you and what are they getting in Amanda Butz the athlete and competitor?
A: Competing is very expensive and I am always looking for any help I can get to cover expenses. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring can email me at I always represent myself and any company I represent professionally and with hard work.

Q: Amanda, I want to thank you again for taking the time to do this. It is much appreciated. Anything you want to add before you go?
A:I'm sure I forgot to include many things about myself, but hopefully
these answers give everyone a basic idea of who I am and what I do.
Thank you again for the opportunity.


  1. Amanda is a spectacular human being, in every aspect of her life she is truly a gem. I am so glad you chose to spotlight her amazing talent!

  2. I am glad she agreed to do it. She is great