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Vanessa Prebyl Interview

Vanessa Prebyl is a Nationally ranked Bikini competitor. She is obviously very beautiful and has obviously worked very hard to achieve the success she has achieved. I have become a big fan in a short time. I think so much of her that I have asked her to write a weekly column for this blog and am excited to share that she has accepted and her first installment will be posted shortly after the posting of this interview. So here is your opportunity to learn more about this incredible woman, who is bound to be among the Elite at what she does.

Q: Vanessa, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this. It is much appreciated.
A: Of course, I am flattered you would ask. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be posted on a blog that promotes fitness and women in such a positive light.

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: I am a 27 year old Bikini competitor. I was raised on a ranch in Southern California. I am a very small-town girl. My mother raised my sister and I by herself. She is a very strong woman who was never afraid to get things done and taught me to be a strong woman. I graduated from CSU Northridge with A BS in Accountancy and became an auditor in Los Angeles. I have also currently attained my Personal Training Certificate.

Q: Have you always been an athletic person? Play any sports or anything?
A: Yes, I grew up on a ranch so there was always something to do when I was young. My sister and I rode horses, built forts, played hide-and-go-seek on 22 acres. Of course, living on a ranch also comes with the mandatory chores such as; feeding all of the animals, getting the chicken eggs, building fences, cleaning up the pens (you know, the fun stuff).
My mother also helped me as a young girl by taking me with her to the gym. She would have me join her in aerobic or strength training classes. I did play sports when I was young as well. When I was in eighth grade I signed up at the Boys and Girls Club for Freestyle Wrestling. I loved the challenging workouts and when Is tarted High School I joined the team. I wrestled all four years of High School and it was the best learning experience I have ever had. I learned so much about who I am and how far I could push myself no matter what anyone said.

Q: What led you into the gym?
A: After I graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Accountancy from CSU Northridge, I was hired on at a great Accounting firm where I performed Audits on public and private companies. I learned so much within my first year, however, the long hours and stress levels added to my waistline to say the least. One day I looked in the mirror and I asked myself "Am I happy?" I knew if I was asking myself, I already knew the answer. That was it. I put in my notice without having any other employment lined up.
I had worked out before on my own, but after gaining over 20lbs from the long hours of accounting, I knew I needed to shed the excess in a healthy way. My husband did some research and found Kim Oddo's web site. Kim helped me become fit and gain muscle. I must give credit where it is due "Thank you Kim Oddo for everything."

Q: Some people may not realize it, but to compete in Bikini does require a lot of working out. Was training something you picked up fairly easy?
A: As I mentioned I wrestled for 5 years, so intense cardio workouts and weight training came very naturally to me. However, for me to compete in Bikini it does require a lot of working out and a clean diet. You will find me in the gym up to three times a day when I get close to a competition and on the off season I am there once or twice a day. The gym employees all know me by name and are always asking when the next competition will be.

Q: What made you decide to compete?
A: Actually, my nutritionist suggested that I should compete. He said it would be a chance to show how hard I have worked for my body.

Q: Was competing something your family and friends supported at the time and how about now?
A: Sadly, my friends and family don't know how to react to my new found love of competing and healthy living. I feel that they support me in a way; however, they can not seem to relate or understand why I can not go out to eat with them or go dancing when they ask. I hope they don't take it in the wrong way, but my goals require me to focus and plan so that I can be in the best shape I possible can be. I would say my husband is the most supportive of my goals. He is always there to help by cooking, researching, and reminding me that I can do anything. He truly is an amazing man.

Q: Was the first competition what you expected? Did anything surprise you?
A: My first competition I felt like a fish out-of-water. Let's just say I made a lot of friends and FAST! I must have asked them so many questions. Thankfully, everyone was so nice and willing to help me. One things I was not prepared for or that surprised me was how COLD the tanning products are. I walked out with a great tan so bearing the cold was worth it.

Q: Can you share your contest history.
A: Sure. It is a little short but this year I will add 4 more shows to it. My very first show was the Sacramento Championship last November. I placed 5th at my first show and it allowed me to compete on a National level. It was so thrilling! I was hooked! My second show was Florida's Battle At The Beach. I was able to walk away with another trophy!! I placed 2nd and my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. I was so happy. Well, that is my current contest history, however, this year I am going for it. My goal is to turn Pro and have the pleasure of stepping on the Olympia stage.

Q: As far as body parts, what do you feel is your best asset?
A: I would first have to say I love every part of my body. I have worked so hard on all of my muscles, however, I must thank my mother and father for the favorable genetics of a small waist and broad shoulders.

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train of favorite exercise?
A: My favorite par to train in any body part that I can see my muscle contract. I am currently working on building up my calves, shoulders, and glutes. Whenever I see my muscles improve it is a great feeling.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like, and how do you alter it for contest prep?
A: Normally I do my weighted workouts in the morning and cardio at night. I am very focused when I am in the gym and keep all of my movements slow and controlled. I really want to feel my muscles working. I do cardio every day and when it is warm I love to run outside. As for my competition prep, my cardio is bumped up to twice a day and the intensity is also increased. Leading up to my competition I will gradually start to take down carbohydrates until I reach my desired competition weight.

Q: When someone sees or hears you compete for the first time, what is the one question or comment you are sick of hearing?
A: Actually, I dislike when people are negative. I am all for competing for fun; however, I am "in-it-to-WIN-it". I can't stand when someone doubts themselves or tries to doubt me. Come competition day, I have worked so hard, eaten so clean, and am so proud of the work I have put in, I really don't want to hear someone try to offer me words of encouragement by saying "just go out there and do your best" or even worse "it's ok if you don't place". Every time I step on the stage I feel like the winner, because I KNOW I have done my absolute best in my preparation and presentation.

Q: What is the biggest misconception about women who compete?
A: The biggest misconception I have found is that many women feel that they are going to become too muscular. People even ask me if I am afraid to put o too much muscle. I just let them know that I workout almost every day with weights, lifting as heavy as I can and I am not considered muscular. I also try to explain that for a woman to become very muscular it takes a lot of hard work and proper nutrition and it doesn't happen overnight.

Q: Do you think women who compete in Bikini are getting the respect of people who compete in other parts of the Fitness industry?
A: Everyone I have talked to in the Fitness industry have all been very nice to me. I have heard of a few negative comments, but I just brush it off. I really don't care too much what others think. We are all competitors and we should all represent the sport in the most positive light we can.

Q: Have you ever considered moving to Figure or Fitness?
A: I have considered moving to Figure just because I have a natural V-taper.

Q: Do you have any favorite competitors or anyone you admire?
A: I have two favorite competitors, Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant. Both women are amazing not only physically but mentally as well. I have had the privilege of meeting both of them and they both took the time to talk to me and were so nice.

Q: What is the best and worst part of competing?
A: The best part of competing is being able to show the world the body you have worked so hard for. It is the most amazing feeling! The worst part of competing? Humm.... I would have to say the cold tanning products. I'm not too fond of the cold.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: I do not get cheat food on my competition prep, but after my show I always find a Cheesecake Factory. My perfect cheat meal is the chicken quesadilla and the red velvet cheesecake. Yummy!

Q: If another woman told you she wanted to start competing, what is the one piece of advice you would most want to give her?
A: Have confidence in who you are and how hard you have worked and know that millions of women would love to be in your clear-plastic heels. :-)

Q: Obviously you are very beautiful. Is modeling something that interests you, and ow can a photographer contact you if he wanted to shoot you?
A: Modeling does interest me and I would be so proud to represent a healthy lifestyle in any fitness magazine or publication. I am always able to be reached on Facebook or Bodyspace.

Q: Any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I love to do meticulous activities like decorating, painting, and planning a beautiful meal.I also enjoy the beach, lake, or even the pool. I just have to remember my towel, suit, sunscreen, chapstick, and my lunch box and I am good to go. :-)

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Vanessa Prebyl.
A: I wake up at 5:30 and head straight to the gym. Once I finish my workout I head home to eat breakfast, make my meals for the day, and get ready for work. I am very lucky to work in a place that allows me to take all of my meal breaks when I need them. After work I head home to change and go back to the gym for my cardio. Lastly, I head home after my workout to shower, make dinner, and finally sit down with my husband and watch a movie. I usually pass out before the movie is done or go to bed. I love to sleep.

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A: Mostly people are surprised that I wrestled for 5 years. Most of them comment "but you wear pink?" or ?you wrestled with the boys?" Despite how feminine I am now, when I was younger, I was a major tom-boy. I even was on the Varsity Team for a year and made it to C.I.T.'s (California Invitational Tournament).

Q; Favorite actor, movie, TV show, and musician?
A: I absolutely love comedy movies like; Tropic Thunder, Evolution, Wedding Crasher, and The Hangover. As for actors, I love Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder. My husband and I watch Tropic Thunder so much I can actually quote some of the lines. As for TV shows, I like to watch Man Vs Wild, which is entertaining and educational. Music is so important to me when I workout. I get so pumped up! I listen to Black Eyed Peas, Britney, and even some Electronica for my cardio sessions and songs like Christina Aguilera "Fighter" for my weighted workouts.

Q: Describe Vanessa Prebyl in five words.
A: Passionate, Dedicated, Determined, Loving, and Sincere

Q: Any set plans for 2010 as far as competing or anything else?
A: Yes, I am going to start my 2010 competition year at the Emerald Cup in Washington State on April 16th. Then for my next competition I will be doing Team U in Jersey in July. My goal is to do my absolute best and come out with a Pro Card. From there I will pick my next show. I plan on doing 4 shows this year with my goal set on the Olympia stage.

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: Go Kim Oddo and all of my fellow Angles!!!

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how can they contact you and what are they getting in Vanessa Preby the athlete and competitor?
A: As for sponsors I would love to represent a healthy way of living and the fitness lifestyle. I am a very hard worker who is always willing to help a fellow competitor. It would be an honor just to know I was contributing to the sport of Bikini competitions by promoting and educating women of this amazing sport. Sponsors my contact me trough my Facebook page or Bodyspace page.

Q: Vaness, again, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this. Any last words before you go?
A: My pleasure! Before I go, I would like to say thank you to my husband for all of his help. Kim Oddo for his expertise, and of course the NPC for making a Bikini Division so that I may compete and show off how hard I have worked.

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