Friday, January 15, 2010

Beth Scneider's Bodybuilding Blog for 1-14-10

Hello everyone.

I was sooo tired last nite I went to bed early and boy did it feel good! So I need to update on yesterday's w/o too...

Wed: Shoulders, bi's, Abs. Cardio am stairs and pm bike 30 min each session.

Side lat ss front lat raises pyrm up in weight
upright rows ss seated bent over lat raises
military press w drop set
sit w 5 lb plates in each hand side front and up to burn out
db curls
hammer concentration curls
bb curls

Hanging abs, misc. abs

Thursday 1/14
am Cardio 30 min stairs:

Legs W Sagi! AHHHH!

I love my workouts w my trainer Sagi! Oh it is so hard and feels so great!

Smith machine squats pyramid up in weight and drop ss w walking lunges

Leg Press pyrm up and drop ss w walking lunges and stopped halfway on lunge walk and did hyperextensions and continued on w lunges back to press...long walk!

Did abs on roman chair for diversion from burning quads!

Came back to my apt. and ate and headed down to my gym in my building and did seated and standing calves, more abs and pm cardio on stairs.

Eating AGAIN as I type this:-) Feel really good today though...I can see my abs again! They had been hiding these last few weeks! I woke up and thought OK I can do this! Amazing how not feeling as chubby motivates you Feels good when you see things falling into place....

Need to get my music cut for the 60 second routine....I had a 90 second routine for the Texas shows but the Arnold is only 60 seconds so need to tweek my routine and music...and pose pose pose...

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