Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shirley Madera Contest Prep Journal

One thing I am very proud of is that some I have a few women in bodybuilding, fitness, and figure who are going to be doing weekly (if not more frequent) updates on their contest prep for shows. To let you know them, and the struggles, sacrifice, pain, and emotion that goes into prepping for a show. I think this will be fun for you to read, and I am honored these women are doing this for my blog. I am happy to introduce the first woman doing it....bodybuilder Shirley Madera

Hi, it's Shirley and today is the first day of my contest prep.

My first competition of 2010 is going to be the Europa Show of Champions Sports & Supplement Expo, in Orlando, Florida on April 16-17 2010. I am very excited about starting this season. Why, you may be wondering? What could possibly be so exciting about dieting and exercising like a freak? Well for me it is a rush. I am in total control of my body and its reactions for the most part, well my trainer, Shayne Cahill does. I have been able to put on considerable muscle the last several months with the help of my part time training partner Rob Reinaldo (UK Pro Bodybuilder, 5th place in the Mr. Universe 2009), when he is visiting in the States and Shayne. Their knowledge has guided me and will continue to do so. I know that with them on my side I can accomplish my Pro status.

My diet will change starting Monday most likely. I am currently on a muscle building meal plan. I have 14 weeks to shed as much body fat as possible while holding on to muscle.

My stats as of today are as follows:
Height: 5' 1 1/2"
Weight 171lbs

I will have measurements and hopefully I can find someone to measure my body fat so that I can keep track of that also.
I will also post pictures of my transformation on a weekly basis.
My goal is to compete as a mid/heavyweight. Weighing between 135-140 with about 5-7% body fat. Chiseled and shredded.
I have been able to fill out my areas that were lacking in size. This has brought my symmetry up to par

Well that's what my plans are. Once I find out all the crazy details I will let you know. One thing I can definitely say is that is is going to be one hell of a ride and I am happy to be sharing my experience with you. So get ready to rock on!!

Train like a freak,
Shirley Madera
Certified Personal Trainer

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  1. I am excited to watch your progress! I hope to get some inspiration and motivation from you. Proper diet tips would be great! Em