Saturday, January 30, 2010

Looking For New Column Writer

So I am looking for a new column writer. Someone to write a weekly column. Can be about fitness/bodybuilding, or yourself, your training, things outside the industry. Pretty much anything. The women writing them so far have gotten more people to follow them, so it can help you to maybe get a bigger following and more attention. You do not need to be some great writer. No writing skills are needed at all. Does not matter at all if you have yet to do your first competition or have done 100 of them. What I will do, is if interested, email me at or leave a comment here, but prefer the email and title it something about wanting to do the column. I will tell you how. Basically I will require a sample column so to speak. Write one as if it was a real one. I will have a few people judge them, and the winner will get to do the column. I think you will find that the other women are having fun with it, and I know that people read them and learn from them. So I am sure you will have fun. SO let me know if interested.

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