Monday, January 11, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues's Fight Journal

It has been a very long week. I am so tired and its only Monday. Its
about 2 months until my fight in Indiana for Gfight. It has been a
roller coaster ride for me since my last fight. Losing just sucks on
so many levels, instead of making excuses, I have just decided to pick
myself back up again, not to feel sorry for myself and to just push
forward. I know this is what I am.. Its what I want and no one can get
in the way of it but myself.. I have learned how important it is to
train not just your body, but also your mind to do this sport.
Practice it in your training and in your everyday life. You have to
believe in yourself to move forward, if you want to do something
incredible, you have to believe you're incredible. Its constant work
to train your mind, but if you wake up everyday, with focus on your
goals, you can achieve anything in or out of the sport. I have
experienced the difference in my fight training based on different
mindsets I have gone in with, its amazing. We can't always feel like
we are on top of the world, but if we are patient and positive, we can
I kicked my week off with crazy endurance conditioning and technique
training. Then fight team and Gi class, which I am definitely finally
excelling in. When you find your own style and your own way, you work
from that. No one has the same way of doing anything. You take the
basics and make them your own. My gi has absolutely taken my no gi to
a whole new level and I am feeling great about that. I have my good
days and my bad days like everyone else, but most of those bad days
come from pure frustration with myself and this is what I am talking
about in mental training.. Thursday night was awesome for me in Muay
Thai. I am just settling in to my style really nicely and becoming a
very relaxed and controlled fighter. Its a good feeling when you feel
yourself progress without having to actually hear you are from anyone.
We did alot of techniques and about 5-6 rounds of sparring. I left
feeling effen awesome, proud and as if all of my dedication was
starting to shine through. On Sunday, I got to train with another
female fighter who is one of my best friends. She is fighting this Sat
night and wanted some female help to prepare her. Worked out for me
too, because I seldom get to roll do mma, boxing, mt or anything with
other females, its a rare occassion. Plus it helps me get ready for my
own fight. We did about 5 ground rounds and 4 standup, she caught me
with a spinning backfist.. U biaatch, LOL that came from nowhere, new
to her skill set I see.. So then we clinch and she goes for the
takedown.. Sorry K, ( stuffed) been working on that on the regular..
LOL so we clinch up again and uh oh JUDO.. Woo hoo for me, I got it.
Got ya back K. This was all in good fun, although it was pretty close
to an actual fight, we really are good friends, just both extremely
competitive. She kept me on my toes because its been so long since we
last trained and I appreciate that because you cannot keep training
with the same people with the same style, then you know what to
expect. I'm pretty sure I made her think more about keeping her hands
up as well.. All in all.. Another kick ass session. Pretty slow week
for training with all the mommy stuff I had going on, teaching and
life in general.. Got in all of my strength training for the week. I
am absolutely the strongest I have been since my competition days.
Makes a big difference when you dont have to cut weight. Last 2 fights
I had to cut and stop lifting because I got to the point where I had
no more fat and was merely cutting into muscle and basically starving
my body to lose. Now, I eat alot of the right foods, lift heavy and do
cardio for endurance reasons. I'm loving the muscles coming back and
my physical body is peaking quite well.. Let's see what this week
brings me.. 2:30, Im off to pick up my daughter from school... Let the
chaos begin!!

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