Sunday, January 3, 2010

Tisha Rodrigues Fight Journal

This will be the first entry of Tisha Rodrigues fight journal. In this she will describe her training for her upcoming fight and other things in her life. Since it is the first one, I just wanted to introduce it.

My name is Tisha Rodrigues.. Fight nickname "The Unbreakable" not
because I think I'm a badass.. Not even close, I'm definitely a more
than humble person. It's "Unbreakable" because, it means, you can't
break me. Can't really do anything to me, that I haven't already
experienced. I have been through more in my life, than I would ever
wish on my own worst enemy. Now, I choose to fight, not because of
emotions from my past, but through them. I'm not fighting to be on top
of the world, but if I get there.. Even sweeter. I'm doing it now more
than ever because I found something I was naturally good at and that I
love and enjoy, Not something I had to be trained in for years to
become good at. Of course, I was no prodigy walking into my gym, but
its like anything else sport or other.. I don't believe champions are
made...technically Champions are born and are trained to be great. You
either have the fight in you, or you don't. You can learn anything,
but having the fighter in you to put those skills to the test, is
completely different.

This is my fight journal.. My day to day life, being a mom, training
at the gym, working, bringing the kids to their activities, training
for my fight...This.. Is my life unedited.

Day one: First jump in on Fight Team.
It's still a bit early to start my official camp, so tonight I jumped
in on the fight team we having going, for a few of our guys getting
ready for their own fights. Tonight, it was the Pro guys, so all 5 min
rounds. I start my first 5 with Johnny, a very skilled wrestler as
well as standup and ground. We start out pretty tame, he is not giving
me 100% letting me work and sending out bait, to see if I take it.
Testing if I will go after certain positions etc, Johnny and I have a
calm, no striking, 5 min roll. But, its tiring just coming back into
the flow. Round 2, I go with Mark, my husband, hardest of all the guys
in the gym on me. He is very aggressive, like me, we are striking,
full MMA 70%. Submits me once or twice. That was a difficult 5
minutes, I'm just warming up. Round 3 with Justin, especially great
on the ground and strong. He let's me know I'm giving him a difficult
time. Me and Justin always go at it, controlled of course. I am happy
with how long it takes for him to break my positions. We are both
unable to do anything to each other submission wise. That was my best

After Fight Team, which was considered a very easy one for me, I take
10 minutes and its right into Gi class. A tough warm up as always and
excellent, fast paced class tonight. I got in one more round of
rolling after class, all in all, not too bad for first time back.. But
that.. That was only the beginning.

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