Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Started the morning off with cardio.30 min. stairs..I actually put some pre workout mix in my hot tea...it was pretty good!

So many interesting people in this industry and so many different directions to take fitness... I am so lucky to be training with so many talented trainers in my gym. You learn so much from each other.. One of the trainers here, Kevin,is a certified boxing coach with USA Boxing, the governing body of the Pan Am Games, International Games and the Olympic Games, a 5th Degree Black Belt former competitive fighter and a certified ropes/challenge course instructor. He also trains the SWAT team here in Dallas..how cool is that..anyway he was using the TRX suspension training system and showed me a few things on it...It's pretty awesome and a great way to work on core, strength and balance....

Back to my training for today...Chest and tris, Rear Delts, Abs

Flat bench DB Press
Incline DB FLies'
Overhead DB Pullovers
Hammer strength Incline Chest Press
Cable Cross over
Rope press Down
Tricep Kick Backs

Misc. abs.

It was a beautiful day and is going to be in the 70's all week! I love Dallas!

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