Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lotte Musclemom Interview

Lotte Musclemom is one of my favorite bodybuilders. I love her physique, and to top it off she is one of the nicest women I have met. She is always encouraging and has given me some great advice for my own training. Lotte has a great love for the sport, and it comes across in this interview. Lotte is the kind of person you root for to be a success, and she is a success. I say a lot how much I love her biceps, but really the fact is, her entire physique is outstanding. So here is my interview with Lotte, and hopefully after reading it, you will be as amazed and as big a fan as I am.

Q: First Lotte, I want to thank you for agreeing to do this. It is an honor for me,
as I have told you, I am a big fan.

Q: If you could, maybe tell a little bit about yourself. Such as family, job, where
you are from, things like that.
A: I´m 42 years old, mother of two girls , they are 12 and 15 years old. Married to the love of my life. I work full time as an accountant in a IT-Retail company.

Q: How long have you been bodybuilding and what got you interested in it?
A: Some 20 years off and on..

Q: Was it something your family and friends supported at he time, and how do they
feel now?
A: My family didn´t when i was young, but as I got my own family they did. My kids and husband are my biggest supporters.

Q: You train with Helle Nielson. Helle is one of the best in the sport. What is that
A: Fun, I learn a lot and it´s great to finally be stronger than her. LOL

Q: Do you keep track of your measurements, and if so, care to share those?
A: Not really , I don´t care much about that.. what is important to me is how it looks!

Q: What is your typical training and dieting routine, both off season and for
contest prep?
A: I train 5 days a week, mostly at 6am and do some cardio when i get home from work. My diet is for the most the same all year round, except for the number of cheat meals.. off season they tend to get a bit out of hand, but I try to stay some 5-8 kg over my contest shape.

Q: I have told you I am a great admirer of your physique. If you had to pick one
body part you like most on yourself, what would that be?
A: My abs and biceps.
I never work my abs, they are awesome no matter what shape i´m in, when fans ask me what it takes to get abs like mine, I always answer ,- just get two kids, that did the trick for me. LOL

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train or a favorite exercise?
A: No , I just love to train, the feeling of the pump in my muscles are the best I know.

Q: Any thing that people do at the gym, that really bothers you?
A: Yea ... stare..LOL, but it kinda goes with this sport, so it´s ok.

Q: When people see your physique, what is the usual response to it? Is it more
positive or negative?
A: Most are very positive... very impressed. But as I always say, I´m just a mom and an average accountant..

Q: When people do see the physique, what is the one question you are sick of people
A: What bothers me is that people thinks my body is made by roids... but hey , it´s 20years of hard work, more than most could ever put them self up to and I absolutely hate that some men thinks that it is a fetish not a sport. They do not respect us for all the hard work, they just want.... well you know..

Q: Do you think female bodybuilders are more accepted by the public today, then
maybe five years ago?
A: No, most men see us as either sex objects, which makes me real mad or as freaks, cus they don´t know anything about this sport.
And in Denmark where I live there is only a hand full female bodybuilders, so we turn
heads every time me and my kids are out shopping.

Q: Would you care to share your contest history.
A: I have won the Nationals 2 times and placed 4 in the Nordich Championship and 1st place for best free pose.

Q: What if anything have you learned from competing?
A: Discipline !

Q: What is your favorite thing about the sport?
A: Discipline ! And being strong both in mind and body !

Q: I am very critical of the judging in bodybuilding, especially the women's. Is
there anything you would like to see change in the judging, or do you think it is ok the way it is?
A: It will always be wrong, cus the men in IFBB trys to get rid of female bodybuilders, and turn us into fitness chicks.

Q: Do you have any hobbies or activities you enjoy besides training?
A: LOL.. like i would have time for that... I have my full time job as an accountant, 2 kids, 3 cats,1 dog,1 horse a big house and my wonderful husband.. so there is not time for anything else

Q: Could you describe a typical day in your life.
A: I get up at 4,30am make breakfast,oatmeal, make lunch ready for me and the kids, walk the dog, leave for training at 5:45am. Done training at 7:30am go home and send the kids off to school, and leave for work. I get home at 5pm , do 30 minutes of cardio, make dinner and help the kids with home work. I go to bed at 10pm...

Q: You have given me some great advice before, so if someone brand new to
bodybuilding came up to you and asked for one piece of advice about getting started, what would you say?
A: Listen to your body, not to all the people that come with all kind of advice, they mean well, but you need to learn to feel it in your muscles. Get a personal trainer, so you can get the right training techniques.

Q: What would you consider your greatest achievement so far in bodybuilding?
A: LOL.. for me it was to win the Nationals 2006, with my two girls in the audience, that was all I could think about, them being proud of Mom.
And again in 2009 with the girls next to the stage , shouting "GO MOM.." no 1st
place can ever beat that, your kids being so damn proud...

Q: If someone said to you that you could only watch the movies of two actors, watch
two TV shows, and listen to two musicians for an entire year. Who would you pick?
A: I don´t have any favorite actors, TV shows: Top Gear and Overhauling with Chip Foose, music, Meat Loaf and Jon Bon Jovi.

Q: Describe Lotte in five words.
A: I can do that in two words: A mom. That is the most important to me, and then my husband ;-)

Q: Any websites or anything like that, that you would like to let people know

Q: Sponsorship is important in this sport. Are you looking for any,and if so, what
kind of athlete is a sponsor getting in Lotte Musclemom, and how can they or anyone else get ahold of you?
A: I´m am a dedicated athlete, very feminine and a good business woman. I have always worked hard and i like it.
I have an e-mail

Q: Lotte, I want to thank you for doing this. I think you are an amazing woman and
am very honored that you did this for me. Is there anything else you would like to add before we end this?
A: I´m just happy that you thought of me , thanks for that.

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