Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sarah's Weekly Ramblings

Happy Monday everyone!

I missed posting last weekend. I had a variety of issues, the most stressful happened to be my car. It turned out to be the radiator, and only a minor fee to get a new one, but I was car-less all weekend and stressing over the "could-be’s" of what was wrong. Even though it’s now running, I’m about due for a new one so it’s time to go car shopping!!! How stressful. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited for a new car but the whole process of getting said car- not my cup of tea.

Another thing that kept me a bit off the radar last week was the weather. I hadn’t realized I’d been transplanted in Seattle. Dear Mother Nature, this is Southern California… since when do we have tornadoes and torrential downpours accompanied by massive amounts of snow at not-so-high elevations. Its not that I don’t like the change, it’s kind of nice when it lasts a day, but after day 4 or 5, I swear it makes people crazy, including me. I was in such a down mood, cranky and lazy, it wasn’t even funny. Weird how the weather can effect our moods so greatly.

Anyway, onto more exciting news… I went to the LA Fit Expo this weekend!! It was pretty fun… I went yesterday which apparently was the least crowded day. I had no problems getting right up close and personal with all my fitness/figure/bodybuilding Idols. Unfortunately I only got one picture, it was with the main man himself, Jay Cutler! (I’ll try to get the picture posted next week) I was pretty excited about that… I’ve met him once before, but it was about 6 or 7 years ago, and boy, he just seemed so much bigger this time! Of course all the fun at these expos is running around trying to get your grubby hands on all the FREE stuff. I think I did a pretty good job at that.

We also went to Venice Beach. Gosh, I love that place. Walking around and seeing all the little street shows and craziness. I don’t think that place ever sleeps. I think one trip every few months fills my quota, though!

Yesterday also happened to be my CHEAT DAY. I don’t get FULL days all that often and boy I took advantage of that! I had some pancakes, pizza, beer and ice cream... just to name a few of the goodies :) … I’m still pretty full from yesterday, how is that possible?!

On a training note… I’m back on the path of gaining MUSCLE. Woohoo!! I’m very excited about this. I know many of us girls struggle from massive rebounds after competitions. I had no idea how difficult this was to conquer until it hit me. I had three really horrible weeks… And I ended up spending 3 ½ dieted weeks just to get back to where I was about 4 weeks pre-comp. The good news is I’m happy here, although it’s still mentally hard to wrap my head around the "fat" jeans I’m wearing daily, I know it’s all for a greater cause… So now it’s time to build and improve and start considering shows for this year. I’m thinking August or September, maybe even the Venice Beach Labor Day show. Those just seem out-of-this-world kind of fun. I know I’m still a noob, but I’m very excited to see just how much I can progress this season as compared to last... that’s what it’s all about anyway, right?

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