Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jason's Weekly Update

OK, many people have suggest I do an interview with myself so everyone can get to know me better. Well, I do not know that there would be much interest in that. Regardless, who interviews themself? As I say to them, maybe I would consider it if it was done by someone else, but no way I will be the dork who interviews himself. I have however decided to do a weekly post. Sometimes I will talk about fitness and sometimes MMA, sometimes the industry, sometimes this blog. Just whatever is on my mind. For this first post I decided that with a new year upon us, I will give my top 20 things I am hoping for in the fitness industry this year.

20. A trainer in Ohio or a surrounding state who will take pity on someone new to bodybuilding who can work with me once or twice a week as I continue to learn bodybuilding. Obviously that is more for me, but had to add it.LOL

19. Facebook to quit deleting competitors profiles and making them start over.

18. Bikini competitors to get the respect of other competitors. These women work just as hard. Just because they don't add the size and muscle does not mean they don't train just as hard.

17. More and more women to ask or want to do interviews for this blog. My job is to promote you, and I want to do it for as many as possible.

16. Great websites like and to continue to grow and promote the great women of fitness.

15. To see Melissa Cunningham have another beautiful child and then get back on stage proving how good she is.

14. More success for Kortney "all Natural KO" Olson to have major success when she competes this year and for continues success with her website.

13. To see IFBB Pro bodybuilder Helle Nielsen to come to America and get to prove she is one of the very very best bodybuilders in the world.

12. For women like Allison Moyer to prove women can be muscular and still do Figure over bodybuilding. Allison has one of the best bodies in the industry and will prove you don't have to compete in bodybuilding to be muscular.

11. To see women get more sponsors. Why companies do not realize that women have just as much popularity as men I will never know.

10. To see Ann Titone continue to prove why she is among the elite in Figure and to see her have more and more success.

9. To see muscular women become more accepted by society. Why people see an anorexic looking Paris Hilton type as being sexy over a fit muscular and healthy woman I will never understand.

8. To see Bikini competitor Vanessa Prebyl earn her pro card. Vanessa is awesome and that is why I asked her to do a weekly column. She is gonna be a star very soon

7. TO see Jeannie paparone on the Olympia stage again. Jeannie has one of the best physiques in the sport and the Olympia isnt complete without her.

6. To see success for my friend Shirley Madera. Shirley is a bodybuilder who is so helpful to me and is such an amazing woman and the sky is the limit for her.

5. To see Laura Kline on stage and showing the world how hard she has worked. Laura is amazing and such an inspiration and her competing is going to give me so much more inspiration.

4. To see Danny Johnson have more and more success. Danny is what fitness is all about. She is such a beautiful, kind, amazing woman and deserves every bit of success she achieves.

3. More respect for female bodybuilders. Look at the Olympia. Were Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, and Branch Warren any more impressive then Iris Kyle, Heather Armbrust, and Lisa Aukland? No they were not. Yes the guys looked awesome, but the women looked just as awesome, yet all anyone talks about is the men.

2. For Tonia Moore to get better and better with her health and hopefully one day be back on stage and proving how amazing she is.

1. For my friend Sarah Kinney to become a Figure Star. Sarah is one of my favorite people in the world. I lvoe her to death and want her to become as great as she can. I know she will to.


  1. thanks for the shout out Jason!!! i have a show set in mind 7 months after the baby!! i am bound and determined to get Pro Card #3 in 2011!! AND i think it is a GREAT idea you do a weekly post! i am very interested in following yo along your journey to the BB stage!!
    Keep up your hard work Jason,both in the gym and on this blog...what goes around comes around and i have a feeling good things are coming your way!! :)

  2. Thanks Melissa. You rock. I am a long way away but I will get there. TO bad you are not on Facebook. I just posted some arm progress photos. As far as you, like I said, you rock. I am positive pro card #3 will come your way.