Saturday, January 16, 2010

Beth Schneiders Bodybuilding Blog

Hi Friends!

Training hard and staying focused! Every workout matters and every meal matters!

30 min am cardio stairs

Back and Bi's

FM Lat Pull Down warm up 25 reps then pyrm up 50 to 90lbs w drop
WG pull ups 3 x 10
CG pull ups 3 x 10
DB rows pyrm up from 30 to 45 with drop set
Rack Dead lifts
Underhand BB rows pyrm up 30 to 50
Seated DB curls ss hammer concentration curls
Cable Single arm bicep curls
30 min pm cardio stairs


30 min cardio stairs

Seated Leg Curl ss with Jefferson (squat w bb between legs which are at 90 degree)
Dead Lifts
Supermans on bench
Step ups on plyo box

Abs: v ups w ball between feet...
Cardio stairs 30 min....

I was really tired today....took a nap after that so I will probably be up all nite a funny quote earlier....

"I tried to sleep but instead I played out impossible scenarios in my head..."

Hopefully that won't be me tonite!
Tomorrow is off day...Supposed to be really nice here in Dallas...almost 70...spring is just around the corner! Get those bikini bodies ready!

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