Thursday, January 21, 2010

Beth Schneider's Bodybuilding Journal

Tuesday and Wednesday Jan. 19 & 20

Tuesday is my day w Sagi....Back and Shoulders!
We also changed my diet a little today as well...more days of low carbs ahead now. I'm glad though...I have been eating and eating! I am ready to start leaning out even more! Also a little more cardio....40 minutes in the am and 30 at nite...Can't wait to see whats under this layer of whatever:confused:

We started w side and front lat raises
DB rows
cable pull downs
Cable crossovers
Cable rows
Rack dead lifts
He usually has me doing drop sets...supersets and a variety of things...I can't remember most of it because it is do different every time!
PM cardio..30 min. hi incline tread

Oh I also started the morning going out to do a promo for the news for the Jay Johnson New Body Boot Camp here in Dallas...I will start working as an instructor with them in a few weeks...Can't wait! Trained my new client this evening too..the Dallas policeman! Love to inspire and kick someone else's butt in the training room!


AM cardio...stairs 40 min
I am also going to start teaching some group classes here in my gym in the building and so I went to another trainers class at noon today that I will be a sub for as well...Dang! it was hour of spinning, pushups and other bootcamp like exercises...I was thinking how easy the stairs seem after I was through with his class...hi intensity! Lots of fun...hopefully melted a little more fat!

Chest and tris

Flat bench db flies
Flat bench DB press
Cable crossovers
Pec Deck flies
Pec Deck rear delts ss w pushups
Reverse grip push downs
overhead press

Trained clients this evening and grocery store run!
Can't wait til tomorrow! Legs with Sagi! :awesome:

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