Monday, January 11, 2010

Beth Schneider's Bodybuilding Blog for 2010

Before I let Beth take over, I am proud to announce that starting next week, this post will not just be Beth's contest Prep. But Beth will be doing a weekly column about things other than her own training. I am very excited about this as Beth has become a good and trusted friend who I think the world of.

Hello Everyone.

Sunday was my day off....just did cardio and grocery store!

Monday 1/11/10

Chest/tris/calves/abs and cardio 40 min (hi incline tread for 20, stairs for 20)

Felt pretty good today...finally starting to feel like all the right eating these past 10 days is starting to work...still alot of food but at least its clean food!

Worked out here at Pulse (the cool gym in my building where I live!)
mostly all Hammer Strength and Free Motion equipment here..

Incline hammer strength 7 sets light weight little rest between sets
Bent arm DB Pullovers ss w pushups...feet on bench pyramid weight up on pullovers from 20,25 30 and drop
DB flys ...slow up and slow down...pyrm,weight up from 15 up to 25...4 sets then drop
Pec Deck 4 sets
Barbell incline press 30, 40 50 lb bb x 15,12 10 reps

Giant Set .. 3 sets x 15reps
Rope push downs
Reverse close grip push downs
DB kickback

Standing calf raises on step w 20 lb db
Sitted calf raises 35 lb plate. 6 sets of 15

Abs: misc.
Roman Chair strait leg lifts
Ball crunch 100

Trained a new client today and its finally warming up here in big D....yeah! Good Day!

Never let what you "think" you can do get in the way of what you are gonna do!

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