Friday, January 29, 2010

Beth Schneider's Contest prep Journal

Hey There...
Wednesday 1/27:

I did shoulders. calves, abs and of course cardio am and pm
Thursday 1/28:

was leg day with Sagi!
Morning and evening cardio...45 min stairs am 45 hi incline tread pm
Started with some standing lunges to warm up

Leg Press ss with wide plie squats holding a db between legs....
pyramiding up in plates form 2 to 4 to 5 to 6 total and drop set..then same on DB squats using 20,35 45 and 55 and drop set

Giant set: 3 sets
Standing lunge holdng a BB between legs ss with body weight squats withe heels on plates then walking lunges w 20 lb DB

I have some progress pics to post....I am glad I have 5 weeks left...I am used to being much leaner but I am feeling pretty good about my weight still at 119 so if I was at least 115 on stage that would be a big improvement for me...

Oh and these were taken after I was killed on legs by not looking too good!

AM cardio 45 min stairs

Massage for my leg again...definetely seeing some improvement! It hurt but not near as bad as last time..hurt in a good way!

I trained clients then got in a shoulder and back workout and more cardio - 45 min stairs! Still on lower carbs and going up tomorrow for a few days on carbs... only 33 more!

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