Thursday, January 14, 2010

Joni Winright's COntest Prep Blog

Just to introduce, like her sister Jennifer, Joni Winright will be doing her weekly contest prep update for my blog. Both women are amazing and I am very honored to have them doing this. They will be on stage together and both will be amazing.

11 weeks out till the northern.....

I will go through my diet as of right now, but i do better on high carb so that is why its so many carbs....i had natty nutrition help with my diet for last years shows and i am just doing the same thing as that.....i am on alot more calories than you would think you can be, but thats what works for me.
meal 1: egg whites 125 grams..yolk 20 grams oats 63 grams 1 fish oil tablet

meal 2: turkey 55g (i make these a week at a time and broil them for 10 min into little patties ..its easier for me) ezekial english muffins 4:9 100 g..which is about 3 halves or 1 whole and a half...these are awesome...i put splenda and cinnamon on them toasted...they are not made with any flour so thats why i can have them
4 fish oil tab

meal 3: muscle provider 22 g(beverly international protein) oats 60 5 fish oil tab

meal 4: turkey 70 g sweet potatoe 200g almonds 20g no fish oils

post training meal:
meal 5: beef 90g white potatoe 260 g 4 fish oils

meal 6: training days you have muscle provider 21 g and oats 60 g 4 fish oils
nontraining days muscle provider 32 g and 4 fish oils

i drink water, and some times I make iced tea unsweetened ofcourse and i night i have 1 diet aw rootbeer as my snack....i dont take any supplements...only one a day vitamins and vit d and c thats it for me thats about 2700 calories but thats what works for me....i was 12 percent bf when i did the soon...they didnt want me to get lower cuz i would look to lean like the figure girls.....i would recommend u talk to someone about getting a specific diet for your body type....

my workouts were a little different to cuz as a hair stlyist my arms already had tons of we did a lot more legs
monday: shoulders chest tris and legs 45 min light intensity cardio
tuesday back bi glutes 45 min light intentsity cardio
wed cardio pilates
thurs kickboxing class 45 min cardio
fri my big leg day....kills me 45 min light intensity cardio
sat cardio pilates
sunday step interval classs
i do light intensity cardio..normally walking on incline treadmill at a 3 pace normally right now...i used to walk in the park when warm...miss that but i dont do alot of hit cuz it works so good i get to stringy lookiing
I am gonna work out with my sister jennifer on sunday this week which i am so pumped to do....working out with her pumps me up and gives me that extra kick of excitement....i normally have to work out alone so having her to be there pushing me is awesome....

Im not gonna lie, my diet is not hard for me, cuz i am always eating...i mean yes i dont get to eat cookies and stuff but i am not hungry like most people when they diet for figure cuz they are so calorie restricted....I have totally been reallly kickin my butt in my really tryiing to push myself harder cuz i want to be better than i was at last show....
My goals are to develop more lean mass, and really work on my glutes...all the legs day s will be worth it to have a nice booty...haaha
I just filled out my entry form and want to send it in with my sister...once u send it in it makes it that much more real in my eyes....
till next time.....savor the moments......i saw a quote yesterday i what you can with what you got while you got it....

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