Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chelsea Roberts Interview

THis is my interview with Chelsea Roberts. Chelsea is the first of three girls from the Nature Coast Girls Weightlifting team I have interviews with. SHe is new to lifting but as you will see from this interview, she ahs the drive to do it and really be a success at it. So read and learn about this amazing young woman.

Q: First,can you tell a little about yourself. Where you are from, family, what grade your in, where you go to school. Things like that.
A: Well my name is Chelsea, I'm from Brooksville, FL and i live with my mom and step dad. I'm a senior at Nature Coast Tech..

Q: Any plans for college or anything, and what you want to study?
A: Right now I'm thinking about joining the Air Force, but if not then I'm going to go to a 4 year college to be a dental Hygienist.

Q: Not a lot of girls are into weightlifting, especially at your age. What got you interested in it?
A: Really my friends are in weightlifting! I wanted to try something new so i tried it and fell in love. I'm usually doing basketball around this part of the year but i wanted something new for my senior year!

Q: What is your favorite part of lifting?
A: My favorite part of lifting is the clean and jerk.

Q: Can you share any of your personal best lifts.
A: By this being my first year of weightlifting, i honestly think all my lifts are my best. And everyone should. Because if you mess up one lift your mind is set on the next lift and not too mess up like before. So if you just go in into you lift with an open an positive mind you will get what you came for!

Q: Do you have anyone who inspires you in your lifting? Maybe someone famous or someone you know?
A: By this being my fist year i really don't know anyone! But my coaches and my friends inspire me a lot, just by cheering me on during a lift and just being there for me when i need help.

Q: It is a sad fact, that society kind of frowns on women weight training. Why do you think that is, and how can we change it?
A: It is a sad fact, because women can do anything men can, And we change it by keep doing it! Who's going to tell us to stop! lol

Q: Is lifting something your family and friends support you in?
A: Yes they support me in everything i do! My mom calls me SHERA!

Q: Is this something you want to make part of your life forever, or maybe get into something else like bodybuilding or fitness?
A: Yea i can see my self doing some competitive lifting in my future, or being a fitness helper!

Q: Someone comes up to you and says "women should not lift weights". How do you respond to them?
A: Whatever are you intimated that i lift more than you!!

Q: How often do you train? What is your normal training like?
A: Well after school jog a little, abs. It really depends on what we are working on if our arm we will do sum dips,close grips. And our legs squats, push clean and lunges.

Q: Do you think there are any misconceptions about women who lift weights or anything you wish people would understand?
A: We are not freaks, were just doing something we love?

Q: Is there one specific question you wish people would quit asking or comment you are sick of hearing about your lifting?
A: "How much do you bench?"

Q: Outside of weight lifting, is there any other sports you play?
A: Yes I play basketball volleyball and I also run track

Q: Let's find out a little about you. What are your favorite movies?
A: Love and Basketball, and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Q: Favorite actors?
A: Vivica A. Fox

Q: Favorite TV shows?
A: House and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

Q: Favorite musicians?
A: Keyshia Cole

Q: You are told you can have anything you want for dinner. What are you having made?
A: Steak and Shrimp Scampi

Q: Best and worst subject in school?
A: Best-Math Worst- Reading

Q: Favorite athletes or sports teams?
A: Athlete- Candice Parker Sports team- FL Gators!

Q: One person in history you wish you could have met?
A: Harriet Tubman

Q: Tell me one moment in your life that you are most proud of.
A: Well it didn't happen yet but its coming soon GRADUATION!

Q: If one of your friends who has never lifted a weight came up to you and said they wanted to start lifting, what is the one piece of advice you would want to give them?

Q: What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?
A: I'm a Model!

Q: Any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I love shopping

Q: Can you describe a typical day in your life. A: School ,Weightlifting, practice, home, running ,bed!

Q: Before we wrap this up, I personally want to tell you as a 33 year old male, I have so much respect and admiration for you. It is people like you who are helping to prove gyms are for girls to, weight lifting is for girls to. Girls can be strong, and that doesn't mean they are any less of a girl. It is girls like you who will inspire a lot of other young women to start lifting, and to be healthy. You are a very special person, and I am so honored you took the time to do this. Do you have anything you want to add before you go?
A: Thanks Jason for this opportunity. And i appreciate this very much!

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