Wednesday, January 13, 2010

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Today I did back w my trainer, Sagi....He is the best! Always pushes me and inspires me and makes me want to give it my all....I feel like my mind and muscle connection is getting better than it used to be.... Last year sometimes I didn't know what I didn't know the more I do this though the more it all makes sense and you can start feeling it where you are supposed to feel it...I love that!

Started w Lat pulldowns to warm up ....
Did 4 giant sets:
Lat Pull Down
Seated Cable Rows
Then Dead lifts and really squeezed back holding 25 lb plates in each hand

Front Lat Hammer Strength pulldown ss Free motion cable crossover..

DB rows w 30 lb db ss w side lat 10 lb db drop sets

Doesn't' sound like much now that I wrote it down but I'm already feeling the effects tonight

My meals will be changing slightly in the next few days...6 meals instead of 7 and taking some carbs out of a couple of the meals...thank goodness!!!

Cardio is changing to 2 - 30 min and pm

Another new client tonight too....a Dallas police officer:-) could be good since I am such a bad driver here in Dallas! just sayin'...

Ok rest now....and lets do it all again tomorrow....

I try to go to bed everynight and think...."Did I do everything I could have possibly done today to make myself and those around me better and did I do everything right?"

Yes is the correct answer for today

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  1. GREAT workout! and yes,it was more than you think-giant sets are brutal!! i am glad to hear you are feeling better and getting in the groove of the routine! keep it up and I LOVE your answer to your question....more ppl need to walk through life with this mindset!
    keep on your hard work!!! :)