Thursday, January 7, 2010


O.K., I want to clear something up. I will not name names, but I was actually approached by a company that offered to sponsor this blog. I do not know how to put links for companies on the blog as a permanent thing, but I can surely figure it out. However that company said the condition is that they would like me to make sure to put a spotlight on their athletes. That was the end of that conversation. I have no intention of spotlighting anyone. Everyone is equal here. Whether you are an Olympia competitor or yet to have your first competition. Sure, I have favorites, everyone does, but that does not mean I will give them a bigger spotlight. My goal is to try and promote each and ever woman who does these interviews. Whether they compete in Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, Bikini, or MMA. The reason for this blog is because the women who compete in these sports do not get the coverage, credit, respect, or prize money men get. I want to try and help fix that. So if I start showing preferential treatment..... well I am no better then those magazines and websites who promote the men so much more than women. The reality is I do not do this for me. Sure, it is fun for me, and sure I am meeting some amazing women who are role models for me, but still this is not for me. I do this for the women, so, sure I am open to a sponsor, but not at the price of giving preferential treatment. I jsut wanted to clear this up. Any no, I will not name the company.

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  1. This is why you're gonna be someone in the female industry that people respect. Great write-up and sticking to what you believe in. :)