Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beth Schneider's Contest Prep Blog

Hey all...been busy eating, training, working! My favorite things!

I am still weighing around 119 everyday which is great for me...Last year I would be weighing around 114-115 about this time so I have gained some muscle and would love to come in around 113-115 on stage...I weighed in at 108 for Nationals ...so I am kind of small for my class..especially since the Arnold goes up to 125 for lightweights! Since size is not on my side I really try to come in shredded and with good symmetry...

Had a great leg workout with Sagi on Thurs and seeing some good progress in my quads! Working on glutes too...my dream is striated glutes!:rofl:

Friday: Chest and Tris
Saturday: Hams Glutes, rear delts abs calves
Sunday: Back, bis abs

Been keeping with my 40 min stairs in the am and 30 m in hi incline tread in the evening...also I will throw in a few extras in the morning like rear delts, hyperextensions and sitted leg curl and abductor/adductor and abs....

Working out in the afternoon..
As far as diet...Going 4 days low on carbs and 2 hi right now...still eating lots!
Pose Down Magazine asked me to get an article and pics together about my journey to the Arnold...so I will post that when it is up!

This is such a great journey...everyday is a blessing and I want to make each day count and make a difference at the end of each day... in my life and someone else's;)

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