Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beth Schneider's Bodybuilding Blog For 2010

I have been ready to get this started but wanted to wait until I received my Official Letter of Acceptance to the Arnold Amateur which I received today! I will be competing in Lightweight BB. Here are a few links about me to update you on where I have been and where I am going from Jason Adams at Promoting Real Women and C-Ray at FitGems. as well as Jason at Sioux Country:

To summarize all of that....I just started competing in 2009, never lifted a weight until 2005 and I am going to the Arnold in 2010! What a great chapter I am having now in this book of life! 2010 is going to be great!

SO here we go!

It was about 6 weeks after Nationals where I placed 9th in my first National contest, that I decided to submit my app for the Arnold..Was going to spend some more time offseason and grow and wait til June...but the Arnold kept calling my name! SO I thought what the heck am I waiting for! Let's do it! (plus I was so sick of eating sugar and junk and feeling chubby!)

Today started out great with my first killer leg workout with my awesome trainer and nutritionist....Sagi Kalev ( since Nationals. He has transformed me in less than a year from being just someone who liked going to the gym to a National competitor!

Here are my stats;

5' 0"
119 lbs today (that's the heaviest I have been since I was pregnant 20 years ago! yikes! but it's where I need to go)

I competed at Nationals prob around 105 on stage, weighed in at 108...
so I am pretty small for my class.

My goal for 2010 is to bring up my back and get my legs bigger....quad sweep and hammy's...Also I want to improve my presentation on stage....and am starting my posing again now...

Been on 7 meals a day w 300 g of carbs for last 3 days.. cutting carbs down and will be cycling diet from here forward now...oh I can't stand eating this much. I am so full!...but I know its for a good cause....size.....

Leg Workout today:

Walking Lunges for warm up about 100

4 sets Squat with long bar pyramiding up to 25lb plates each side ss w standing lunges holding 20lb db drop set on both exercies....

4 sets Leg Press pyrm. up to 4 45lb plates ss w plie wide stance sumo type squat holding 25 lb db between legs pyramid up to 35 lb
Drop sets on both exercises

Cardio is 40 min 6x a week right now....

Lots happening in 2010...started training as independent trainer now that I have been here in Dallas a's time to build my business and my body! Hopefully will also be working with Jay Johnson Boot Camps as an instructor soon....(trainer for Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders) check out How much fun and can't wait to get that going in addition to my training business...

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