Friday, January 29, 2010

Jason's Weekly Post

Well originally this post was going to be more of an MMA post, since last week was about fitness and bodybuilding and things. But instead I have something different. This is about respect. I hear from more and more women in bodybuilding and fitness about the creeps. Those creepy guys who see the women and then find them on Facebook and send them creepy messages. Guys, these women do not work their ass's off because they want to be your sex object. They don't do it because they like to dominate men. They do it because it is what they love. Yes, they are beautiful women. But beautiful not because of their outer appearance. Yes they have that beautiful outer appearance, but their true beauty is their work ethic, their dedication, and simple determination. But does being beautiful mean you have to be subjected to rude and inappropriate comments. These are regular women, they just are able to lift heavy weights and are in better shape then most men. I look at an Allison Moyer. I always loved her, but getting to communicate with her I found out how amazing a person she is. I look at Ann Titone. Always a big fan and admirer, of her beauty and physique. Turns out she is one of the nicest women ever. I look at Helle Nielsen. Always a big fan, never thought I would meet her. Not only have I talked to her, I talk with her online quite a bit. Such a nice and encouraging woman. I look at Colette Nelson. Again a beautiful woman I was always a fan of. Turns out she is super nice. Guys most of these women are like that. And they are very approachable and willing to talk to you, just show respect. I just started bodybuilding, and so many of these women have taken their time to help, advise, motivate and encourage me. And it isn't just the names you are familiar with. There are so many more who are newer to competing who are just as kind. Admire them, apprecaite them, respect them. You will find out they are pretty cool people and apprecaite the respect and admiration. Sex objects? NO. Sexy symbols? YES. Dont treat them as an object. You are not impressing them when you tell them you "want to get with them" or "you want to do this" or "you want to do that". You are impressing them when you show them respect. They do this because they love it. Keep being disgusting and they will not be so approachable.

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