Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shirley madera's Contest Prep Update

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all doing great. I am feeling fantastic. Sorry for the blog being a few days late but I have been busy not only training but working my crazy 3 J.O.B.'s that actually generate a paycheck but also the many titles that we women wear in general, you know which ones: mom, wife, housekeeper, cook and chauffeur to name a few, lol.
Well I am officially 12 weeks out, yeah...The diet is going well except for the almonds I crunch on, found out it was okay, if only a handful.
I have lost 3 lbs since last week, that's a good thing. But I will not get used to it because it will change in about a week. Progress will continue.
I am doing 30 - 60 minutes cardio depending on whether I eat those almonds, get where I am going with this. If I cheat even just a little bit then I impose my own punishment of more cardio. My cardio still consist of the stepper set on manual. I start at 55/65 steps per minute and at times finish with 125-150 steps per minute. If I am feeling energetic then I may even take it to maximum 180 steps per minute, crazy I know but only for a minute.
My weight training is going great. Every workout gets better and better. Monday is back and bicep day but sometimes I end up having 2 sessions, morning and afternoon, those are always the best. Talk about having energy, its awesome but you know that the following day you will be sore, woot woot, love it.
Tuesday is my first leg day of the week. Did I tell you that "I LOVE LEG DAY". I love the feeling of moving so much weight more than most guys. Today I did leg extensions on the hammer strength (plate loaded and you can move your legs separately), smith machine squats HEAVY (we don't have a squat rack yet, its on order), Cypex V-squat and then Dumbbell stationary lunges. Every exercise was HEAVY, The way I like it. The legs are pumped and starting to set in. Tomorrow will only tell how straight I will be able to walk, lol. I did my cardio after weight training.
I normally do cardio first thing in the morning except on leg days.
Trained my clients and shuttled my daughter around. Even cooked dinner for the family, wow.
Well going to bed now Chest and tricep day tomorrow (Wednesdays), it may turn into another double workout day, yippee!!!
Here I come. I am on fire and its just the beginning, it gets better and better. There definitely is more to come....

Train like a freak,
Shirley Madera
Certified Personal Trainer

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