Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Jennifer Winright Main's Contest prep Journal

Jen Main
Weekly Blog
8 weeks out

Sunday- 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Monday- Legs :) / 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Tuesday- Back/ Shoulders/ Biceps / 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Wednesday- Chest/ Triceps/ 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Thursday- Legs :)/ 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Friday- Back/ Shoulders/ Tri/ Bi/ 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)
Saturday- 45 Minutes Cardio (450+ Cal.)/ Legs Legs Legs!!!

Diet- NO CHEAT MEALS- 100% Strict and Clean!!!
6 AM- Oatmeal/ Turkey/ Egg Whites
9 AM Muscle Provider- Shake :)
12 PM- Chicken/ Rice/ Veggies
3 PM Muscle Provider- Shake :)
6 PM Chicken/ Sweet Potatoe/ Veggie
9 PM UMP Pudding :)

Good luck to everyone training hard this week. Just take each day at a time and focus on the end result, on what and where you want to be at the end of this. I had a melt down yesterday on the phone with my sister, Joni Winright (NPC Bikini Competitor). (You could say that I am my hardest critic- which i think that we all are.) But she put everything into prespective-which I am very thankful to have someone like her in my life. This journey does not happen over night, it takes weeks, months of preparation- that's why it is called a journey, not a weekend get-away!!! So this week, I am dedicating each day to a certain individual that I know means a lot to me and will help me push harder throughout the day. (example: Monday- My sister... when I feel like my cardio is draggind- I will push harder!!!)

Have a great week everyone!!!

Savor the Moment,
Jen Main

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