Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fit Physiques Fight Cancer

Sky Fisher is my friend. Sky Fisher is an amazing woman. Skye is someone who is doing an amazing thing. She has started a website called Fit Physiques Fight Cancer. It is Skye's non profit organization to help those who suffer from this terrible disease. There are so many ways to help. You can make a donation, or if you are involved in the industry, please do a good thing for a good cause and donate something that can be auctioned. Yes Skye is my friend, but that is not why I am helping promote this. I am doing it because it is a good cause. I have included some photos of Skye for those who may not be familiar with her.

Instead of me going on and one, here is Skye's description of the site and organization:

I started this Non- Profit foundation after watching the pain my mom went through with her battle against cancer, I knew that as a figure in the fitness industry there must be more that I could do to help, other then a routine dedication to survivors. I wanted to help Cancer Patients and their families with the stress that comes along with the treatment, whether that be to help raise some money to pay a small bill here or there, or a signed autograph from their favorite bodybuilder, figure, or fitness competitor. I am not sure where this website or donations may take us, but I know that its meant to shed a some rays of sunshine on those who have battle to fight and win!

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