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Jodie Preston Interview

The first time I talked to Jodie Preston, was asking her advice. She didn't know me at all, yet still took the time to help me out. That is the kind of woman Jodie is. Not only is Jodie beautiful, not only is Jodie a super sweet woman, but simply put, Jodie is everything that is right about fitness. Jodie returned to the stage in 2009 after 23 years, and looked better than women who were not even alive the last time she was on stage. Jodie is the kind of woman you have to root for to be a success, and she has been a success and will continue to be a success. She trains as hard as anyone, and looks as good as anyone. If you do not know Jodie, take the time to get to know her, you will be impressed and inspired.

Q: Jodie, thanks for doing this. As someone I really respect and admire, this is an honor for me.

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: My name is Jodie Preston. I was raised in Riverside, California and lived there for 36 years before moving to Newport Beach, California after my divorce. I have been in fitness since the 80's. In bodybuilding it's safe to say I have at least 24 years under my belt.

Q: How many show have you done and what was your placing?
A: Well in the 80's Fitness wasn't around yet, it was all bodybuilding. I competed in around 8 shows, my placings from 83-87 were as follows:
*Golden Empire- 2nd
*Inland Empire- 2nd Individual and 1st in Couples with Troy Zuccolotto
*Jr. Cal.- 2nd Individual and 2nd in Couples with Troy Zuccolotto
*Grand Prix- 5th
*Southern California Championships- 1st
*Pacific USA- 1st
*California Championships- 1st
*Nationals- (did not place top 5)

Q: What first inspired you to get in the gym and do weight training?
A: My ex-husband loved bodybuilding. He brought home a muscle magazine with Lisa Lyon in it. She was one of the first women bodybuilders. I remember thinking OMG, this girl has the most flawless PERFECT body I have ever seen. I had never seen ANYTHING like it in a bikini. She was like a statue someone carved to be the standard of what the female form should look like.

Q: What was your family and friends thoughts at the time? Did they support it then, and how about now?
A: No one supported it at first.LOL. Back then only MEN went to gyms. Women went to "Figure salons" or Health Clubs. And even then, the health clubs were segregated into two sections, Men's and Women's. OR they would have alternate days for Men and Women. Everyone who in the beginning did not support me have now realized that it has rewarded me with the body of someone 25 years younger.

Q: What do you feel is your best body part, or the one that gets the most compliments?
A: Best body part used to be abs, but after 2 hernia surgeries, I have slacked on them. Now I would say it has to be my delts, and arms.

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train or favorite exercise?
A: Favorite body par to train is shoulders, but lately I have been getting into legs. Legs are my focus this year.

Q: Do you prefer to train solo, or with a partner, and why?
A: I prefer to train solo. I have more focus and it doesn't take as long.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like, and how does it change for contest prep?
A: I train 6 days on and 1 day off all season. Cardio once a day. My diet is pretty clean other than I have a sweet tooth. Contest prep, I am very disciplined. I amp up the cardio just a bit, but make sure to always do ESC (Empty Stomach Cardio) for maximum fat burning.

Q: Is there anything people do at the gym that really annoys you?
A: Biggest pet peeve in the gym are guys who leave the leg press stacked to the hilt with 45lb plates. I can lift them off, but the time it takes is disrespectful of my time and my sets.

Q: When people see your physique for the first time, what is the most common reaction? Is it more positive or negative?
A: I get a lot of stares and whispers. I am sure they are not all positive. But the compliments make up for it. Guys usually remark on my cannonballs or guns, and girls always want to know how to get arms like mine.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question you are most sick of hearing?
A: Most annoying question HAS to be "How much do you bench?"LOL

Q: What is the biggest misconception about women whoa re into bodybuilding and fitness?
A: Most women are so afraid to train with weights for fear of getting too muscular or big. They have no idea how far from reality that is. It doesn't happen overnight. And a woman doesn't have the capability of getting big.

Q: Do you have anyone in the sport you admire or are a fan of?
A: Right now there are so many incredible women. my preference is a little more muscle than FIGURE and a little less than BODYBUILDING. Ava Cowan has my favorite abs, they are off the chart. But overall I would say Monica Brandt is MY ideal. She is SPECTACULAR.

Q: You have given me some great advice before. If someone came up to you and said they were going to start serious weight training, what is the one piece of advice you would most want to give them?
A: I would say train heavy or go home.LOL. Just kidding. I would say "Think of your body as a piece of clay. You are the artist. You can sculpt that body into the shape and form of your desire. When you enter the gym, don't just go through the motions just to get it done. Focus on the body part you are working. VISUALIZE what you want it to look like. Take that weight and give full attention to your form and execution of the exercise."

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: Pumpkin Cheesecake, cookies, pies, chocolate..... you get the picture :-).

Q: Any hobbies or activities you enjoy outside of training?
A: I taught ballroom dancing when I was in my 20's. I am still in love with Latin Ballroom dancing, and of course like any woman, shopping, shoes,and handbags. I love theater and live shows.

Q: Describe a typical day in the life of Jodie Preston.
A: Typical weekday is very routine. Alarm goes off at 3:30am. I shower, get ready, make breakfast, and head off to the gym by 5am. Workout until 6:45am, then off to work until 4pm. Then I usually have a couple of Airbrush tans to do if there are appointments. That is a side business of mine. After that, it's home to do cardio (I have gym equipment at the house), then relax with the family and my 2 dogs, make my lunch for the next day, where it starts all over again.

Q: Any favorite actors, movies, TV shows, or musicians?
A: Actors- George Clooney and Johnny Depp. TV shows- Seinfeld and Two and a Half Men. Musicians- That's a tough one. I like so many, and my taste is all over the map!

Q: Describe Jodie Preston in five words?
A: Cheerful, Good Natured, Focused, Self Critical, and Tolerant.

Q: Do you have anything going on you want to plug or promote?
A: I would say my side job Airbrushing. I only wish I had more time to devote to it.

Q: Do you plan to compete in 2010? If so , are you looking for sponsors, and how can they contact you?
A: 2009 was my first time back on stage in 23 years, in a new arena, "FIGURE". What I realized was how much I love being on stage, and love the whole process of contest prep. It's amazing to see what the body is capable of.
I would of course love sponsorship. I feel I am an excellent example to women not only in their 40's and 50's, but also younger women too. I am proof that life doesn't stop at 30. Training is my passion, weight training will positively reward you. You can keep your beauty and your body with healthy eating and weight training. I would love to show them that they don't have to FEAR the bikini. I LOVE BATHING SUIT SHOPPING MORE NOW THAN EVER !!!! In fact, most women my age, in this sport are more beautiful now than they were in their 20's. Weight training is the "FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH". It is never too late to pick up that weight. You can contact me at or from my FACEBOOK page.

Q: Jodie, thank you for doing this. I have told you the admiration I have for you. You have given me some great advice. You are everything that is right about the sport. Any last words before you go?
A: Thank you Jason for this opportunity that you are giving to all of us out here in this incredible sport. You are allowing us to expose the truths and dispel the myths, and for that we are all grateful.

Jodie Preston

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