Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Beth Schneider Contest Prep Update

Monday 2/8/10

Took Sunday off...

Great workout today....

Started w an hour cardio on the stairs and felt full of energy so after stairs I did hyperextensions, calves and abs.

I trained shoulders and biceps w Sagi tonite....omg ...I can barely type!

We did low weight but lots of slow, negative type of training...really squeezing biceps at top and posing in between...just burned, burned, burned!!!!

Came back to my gym and finished the day with an hour on the hi incline tread!

Getting ready to eat last meal....doing fine w low carbs so far...not many cravings at all.... but ask me in a week!

I get to work out at Metroflex Gym in Arlington on Saturday (where Ronnie Coleman trains) ...SOOO excited! It's a dream of mine! Like a kid going to Disneyland! ( lol...I know...kind of strange for a girl!)

Thanks again for all the encouraging words here! It really keeps me going with no doubts that I will do whatever it takes to bring my best!

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