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Theresa Ivancik Interview

I don't think I have come across to many people who love fitness as much as Theresa Ivancik. She has done it all at such a young age. Personal trainer, fitness model, Figure competitor, and this year moving to Bodybuilding. Just her words, as you read them, you can tell she lvoes training, and loves helping others with training. She is a beautiful woman with a long career ahead of her in the industry. It is my pleasure to present my interview with Theresa, and I am sure you will be as impressed as I am.

Q:First, Theresa, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this.

Q: Can you start out by telling a little about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: My name is Theresa im fron Butler PA i am 26 years old i grew up in PA all my life, my grandfather who is now 83 was the genitc side I took.! He still today works out as he did back in his days ... He is staking machines and looks amazing, we are trying to get him to do my frist bodybuilding show with me... I currently have been involved heavily in fitness ever since i was 18 years old.. I currently now own a personal training company with my boyfriend and are looking to buy a gym. We work out of two studios and have about 130 clients give or take... Very busy and becoming well known ... We are looking to start our own protien line as well as doing tv shows and fitness tapes.. I've competed in six different figure shows starting in 2007 this year 2010 will be my frist bodybuilding show i took 2009 off for we just got too busy! My family, I have one brother and one sister both younger then I am. My brother is in to fitnes as well as a hobbie not a sport.

Q: Before you started training, were you an espeically athletic person? Play any sports?
A: In school I didnt play any sports I was on the dance team and loved to exersice and stay active. Before I trained I acutally started off doing tae bo in my basement and I fell right into it ...I worked at a gym as a receptionist and would just do cardio, no weights until one day I decided I wanted to try to do a figure show ... and thats acutally how I found my boyfriend. I went to his gym not knowing who he was and wanted to train for a figure show ... I was very .. he told me I had to eat so I didnt want to work with him.LOL. So amazing seven years later we ran into each other again and me not knowing that he was after me for the whole time we finally got to gether and he helped me train. We've been together for almost 2 years now already and have acoomplished alot.

Q: What got you into the gym to begin with?
A: Just seeing the magazines and what girls could acutaly look like with a little bit of resistance training ... I loved the look on the females and thought it was awsome to make your body stand out above all the other women in the world was a feeling that made you feel different.

Q: Was weight trainign something you picked up fairl easy? How long before you saw real results?
A: I picked it up fairly easy I can say.... lol. I over trained.LOL. I loved it soo much. Every day I would train ... untill my body told me to slow down lol ... ummmm I acutally dont even remember I was fit from doing the cardio tapes at home so as soon as I added a lil protien to the diet I would say I changed pretty quick!

Q: What made you decide to compete?
A: The drive and the thrill of being on stage, the center of attention and the drive to hopefully one day be in a magazine that millions of people pick up! To be a great represenative for the fitness feild!

Q:Was comepting something your family and friends supported at the time, and how about now?
A: At frist no my family didnt like the idea about puttin on muscle they thought I would look realy bad ... more like a man .. but now they support my sport and my passion for the competitng and the lifestyle change I have to live ! They acutaly follow off of me!

Q: Was the first contest what you expected? Did anything surprise you?
A: It was a small show to get my feet .... so i wasn't sure what to expect. I went alone and thought I did pretty well .... with not much compeititon I got first place so I still won! Each show you grow to learn more of the do's and the dont's.

Q: Now I understand you are moving from Figure to Bodybuilding? Why the switch?
A: The figure girls now have the look of being too thin. I figure if I'm going to lift I'm going to lift! I love the muscle look and looking more dominant!

Q: What do you consdier your best bodypart, or teh one that gets the most compliments?
A: My legs or my arms ...I love the question most people ask! LOL "Do you lift?".. I want to tell them "No I was born like that!"... Then the personal training conversation always comes around.

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train or favorite exercise?
A: I love doing shoulders ... I love the pump you get and the hardness you feel.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like?
A: When I bulk I eat somewhat bad, but not too bad more like poptarts and some candies and cookies and white carbs so I have something to cut for the compeition. Food calories are normally way up...then I clean it up for the show ... routine wise bulking I do less reps heavier weight three times a week and cardio two times ... when gettin ready to cut I'll do more reps and prob five days a week training with intervals ....

Q: When somone see's your physique for teh first time, what is teh most common reaction? More positive or negative?
A: OMG, more positive then negative. I get attacked and drilled for questions and answers about fitness! And complimented all the time ! Its a great feeling to know your recongnized for such a great thing! ... I love it.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question or comment you are sick of hearing?
A: "Do you lift?" ...or "How much can you bench?" ...two most rediculous questions ever lol .... or "what do I eat or how I train or make me look like that?"

Q: What is the biggest misconception about female bodybuilders or teh thing you most wish people understood?
A: The true value and meaning of good health and diet to help benifit in the future and the drive and dedication that it takes to try to pursue in the career!

Q: Do you thnk muscualr women are more accepted by society today than five years ago?
A: Yes I do ... for more and more women are trying to get involved ...everything isn't just males anymore. The women are coming around to prove their points ! I feel we have alot more respect for the dedication we put in ..

Q: What is the best and worst part of competing?
A: Definitley the dieting... other then that its fun... posing training is harder then anything though ... but other then that its a thrill and a drive of perfection.

Q: Do you ahve a favorite cheat food?
A: Ummm not really I tend to eat pretty clean most of the time besides rasionettes!

Q: Do you ahve any competitors you are a fan or or that you admire?
A: I love the way kristy Hawkins presents herself ....along with Jamie Eason.

Q: Now you are also a personal trainer. What got you interested in training others?
A: The drive to help others seek their goals and make the clients get the dreams body and goals they have always wanted ... I feel sometimes I get too involved in training my clients. I want the best for them and wont hesitate to go the extra mile for them ... to guide them in all the right directions.

Q:What is the benefit of being trained by Theresa Ivancik?
A: You get me LOL .... everything always a variety... always guidence and most importantly making it fun for them... I will tell you right now all my clients will never miss a session! They always feel so good when they are done! It's more of a one on one relationship I have with my clients 100%.

Q: If someone wanted to talk to you about possibly training, how can they contact you?
A: Through phone or email ... or even my myspace .. my business cards have it all writtin on them. I always get back to you the same day!

Q: What is the biggest mistake you see people new to training make?
A: The diet most of all and the many people over training!

Q: You ahve also done some modeling. Is that something you still do and what do you enjoy about doing that?
A: I don't currently model although I would still love to. Just been focusing on bodybuilding this past year and have been at a bulk state but now that I'm dieting down I'll be doing some shoots before the show! I love the modeling side of bodybuilding and figure ! It's a wonderful feeling to see the final product ! In modeling I always make sure not to let the photographer photo shop my pictures for I want it to be the real me when people see my pictures.

Q: Outside of training, any other hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I cant say that I have any other activites besides family ... training is my life ....but I try to keep hold of the love ones as well and spend as much time as I can with them for life is too short.

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Theresa Ivancik.
A: Yes in three words LOL. Eat .....Sleep ....Train....

Q: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
A: Pretty much everyone knows everything about me.... I'm a very personal person and love to meet new pople and try new things ... You live one time so live life to the fullest!

Q: Favorite actor, movie, TV show, and musician?
A: Ummm hard to say I dont watch tv. If I do its Family Guy ..LOL sad to say ... Music I listen to all pop music ...alternative ... anything but contry ...but tv wise never get the time to watch anything!

Q: Describe Theresa Ivancik in five words.
A: Fun, Loving, Outgoing Goal Driven, and Independant.

Q: Any set plans for 2010 as far as competing or anything else?
A: Yes to make this my year to become Pro and be seen and become a very sucessful fitness model

Q: Anything you want to take this time to plug or promote?
A: I look forward to meeting many new people and helping many more suceed in all the goals! Help guide everyone in the right direction.

Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so, how can they contact you and what are they getting in Theresa Ivancik the athlete and comeptitor?
A: Yes in fact I am ... Thats my main focus is to find sponsors to help me in my fitness journey.... They can contact me through email phone or my

Q: Theresa I want to thank you again for taking the time to do this. ANy ast words before you go?
A: Thank you for giving me the oppertunity to do this for you and I appreciate your intrest in all the questions on the finess industry .... Anything I can do to help anyone it would be my pleasure!
Stay fit .....stay motivated and make it fun ! In the words of our HPT Harlans Persoanl Training company we Change lives one Rep at a Time!

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