Friday, February 5, 2010

Christina Sears Column

Hello to everyone who is reading this!

You may not know my name, or recognize my face and I just maybe a
nobody.. and you are probably asking yourself “why am I even
attempting to read this blog?”

Well, I can’t explain the attraction to read this thing, but I can
tell you that I can try not to bore you.

My name is Christina, I’m just your average 4‘10.5 girl (well on the
outside)! I started keeping a training log in College to help me with
my expressions, and understanding what people like to read, what
catches their attention and strikes their feelings. In keeping this
log, I started to get regular readers and people personally emailing
me about what an “inspiration” I am to them.

Little me, an inspiration? WHO would have “thunk it”.

I started wrestling in high school, yeah can you imagine 90lbs and I’m
on a mat wrestling with girls and guys bigger then me. I grew to love
it and was looking for something more when my wrestling came to an
end. I got into JiuJitsu and naturally fell in love with that (and
surprisingly got pretty good at it). Training in Jits was really (how
can I put this...) challenging. I mean NO ONE was close to my weight
and I was always getting beat up. But somewhere down the line I got
the respect of a lot of people around me. I guess I had missed the
part where I was actually holding my own with these people and
actually creating a challenge for them.

As training in jiu jitsu continued I fell in love with crossfit and
lifting (thanks to Coach Adam Morden of Alchemy Crossfit). I was sort
of tired of being tiny and wanted to do some serious building on my
body and that is what I started to do. I did notice a big difference
on the mat with much heavier guys, but like Coach Bryan Edge my jiu
jitsu coach says “tecs before pecs.” No matter what kind of serious
muscle I had got I still had to stay on top of my techniques.

I did document the struggles I had in Jiu Jistu always being the
smallest, always feeling like I wasn’t getting any better, always
thinking I should work harder. Anything and everything you can think
of was in there.

Lifting was one of my greatest challenges.... in my head I don’t see
myself as 4‘10.5 at 112lbs I see myself as 6’7 or something. So when
I’m lifting I always feel like I should be able to do more. I used the
women around me as inspiration all in the while I was inspiring them
and not even realizing it. Lifting was a bit roughs there was a lot of
fears I had to over come with in myself I had to be confident that
what I was lifting was going up and I was the boss not the weight.

Even though jiu jitsu and lifting are still a few of my passions, I
have recently ventured on another journey through the “bodybuilding”
world. I have friends who have competed, I talked diet with them a
few times, and work outs. It amazed me (the women) about how big they
can get and some of them (i feel sometimes went over board) BUT to
each their own.

I always had insecurities with myself, and the way I looked. I don’t
think its a women thing because I know a lot of secure women. I think
it was just a battle I was always having with myself.

I recently dropped about 20lbs and had had a few people joke around
with me about figure fitness or something along those lines. Of course
I made my jokes and so did they because I’m not the type to even like
being in a swim suit never mind be on stage with 300 people sitting
there looking at every detail of my body (freaks me out to think about
it right now...)

So what started out as a joke... started to slowly become a reality,
and i figured really what do I have to lose? I mean... I have
everything to gain and sure I’d love to win if I entered in a
competition BUT in the same sense maybe I can develop more confidence
in my appearance and what not!!!

SO HERE I AM, starting my journey... and documenting everything...
because it is very new to me and I think I can bring it right down to
the generally folk reading this not just the ones who remember their
first competition you know?

I’m Christina Sears... Stay Tuned!!!

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