Friday, February 12, 2010

Christina Sears Column

Well... I’ve officially been on this diet for a week, not going to lie
last week I wanted to break I think it was four days in and it was
just one of those days. Being a female, obviously our bodies go
through a lot in a month (ladies you know what I mean)! WELL Lets just
say it was my “time of the month” so my body was retaining a crap load
of water (5-10lbs) and I felt like I’m dieting for nothing and that I
look COMPLETELY the same.

Coming from someone who’s always had a weight issue it was a lot to
handle not to mention hormones were all over the place and that didn’t
help. It was awesome though because I was able to text my sponsors
from Physical Development & Nutrition Shoppe (P.D.N) and tell them
about the episode I was feeling and honestly they really helped me
out. Pete and Elaine were such a support system for me, and made me
feel a lot better about everything, and made me realize its mind over
matter. I needed to set my mind to “I can do this” rather then “man..
this sucks.” I stepped on the scale after the week was done and i was
down about four pounds.

I didn’t look like I lost anything, but I could start to see cuts in
certain places and the muscle I was putting on was showing quite
nicely. Saturday however, was my birthday and I decided to have a “sex
themed” party. My intentions weren’t to drink.. but that obviously got
thrown out the window. I’m not a huge drinker anyone who knows me
knows this, so I think I drank a total of maybe 2 hours and my tummy
was aching. I didn’t cheat until I ate two cookies and a piece of
bread. The rest of the food I ate that night was within my diet
guidelines. It wasn’t worth it, I thought it might be but it wasn’t.
My stomach was very hard and sore. I was back on the diet the next
day, so I think I’m going to push back my diet a day or two to make up
for my birthday.

In the gym I have been upping my weights and I think from where I was
last year I have been making some great gains. The thing I love most
about doing it this time around, is that I’m doing it for myself this
time. The only thing that sucks, is not having someone there to guide
you when the weight gets heavy. I know with my dead lifts I must be
rounding my back somewhere, because I feel it the next day. I’m to
short to see myself in the mirror, so having someone there who knows
the dead lift technique really helps. I haven’t had a spot last week
and this past monday so squats were getting kind of wimpy. I’m a
little insecure not having a spot sometimes when I know my body is a
bit wiped out. My entire body tenses up and makes it even more tired
before I actually get to lifting much.

Today I had a spot, my buddy Tony was there so my lifts went a lot
better. I really only need it for my squat (which I did 155lbs today
for three sets of five)! Worked on my presses and then did a mini
crossfit work out with pull ups and thrusters. So I have a week and a
half down on this diet. Is it easy? HELL NO! But getting your body
where you want it takes time, effort, and a determined person. It’s so
easy to just do some easy fad diet, or a quick 6 day diet that really
just involves you starving yourself. I’ve learned so far that
sometimes you have to work harder for things you really want, and it
does take time and effort, nothing will be given to you and no one can
do it for you. You have to be willing and determined to do it yourself.
Tony hasn’t seen me in a week, and did comment on the way my body is
starting to look. Asked me if I was on that diet still and I said yeah
I’m in the middle of my second week, and he said “wow, you really look
big, cut and good. I’m not trying to make your head swell but keep up
the good work.”

He insisted when he was spotting me that I ask him to spot me because
I can squat more then he can. When I don’t, just makes things
easier...and he could squat more then me if he wasn’t so worried about
what other people think.

This entire process so far has been a challenge for me, I don’t have a
trainer showing me the ropes and I’m going by the tools I learned from
various people I came across in the fitness world. I have Pete and
Elaine who are always only a text away whenever I have a question, or
a concern and they really make it a priority to help me out which I
really appreciate. PLUS I have some great people who read up on my
training and message me suggestions and what not which I also really

I’ve had ups and downs already, but I mean you just got to believe in
what your doing and do it. Like I said I’ve learned that no one is
going to do it for you.

Until next week :)

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