Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Note From Danny J Johnson

Hi friends, family and clients!

I have been recently been asked by Armando Aguilar, owner and founder of My Fight With Fat™. (
His philosophy is:

MFWF™ philosophy is about making a life change to No Diets but healthy Food Choices, Daily Exercise & Positive Thinking by correcting your mind to learn new healthy habits

Their motto, which I agree wholly with is "love yourself... our lives are priceless"

Being a part of MFWF™ means that I will be taping weekly fitness and nutrition tips to post on their website. I was also asked to speak in San Diego on March 13th to a large group of underpriveledged girls (mostly 9-16 year olds) about my struggles growing up and how I turned them around to become a positive role model.
Most of you know my story, if you don't, you can read it here

I am writing to tell you all of this, because The Live Well Project (the event that I'm speaking at) is looking for donations so that each of the girls can receive a T-shirt to remember the event and a yoga mat, to continue practicing some of the things they learned. THey only need $2000, and if everyone just donates $5 bucks, I know we can help them!
$5 is just one less starbucks, or one less $5 dollar footlong!!

please visit the link and make a donation to make a young girls day and hopefully the event will impact her to make changes for life!!

Thank you!!
Here is the site:

Danny-J, MS CPT
No Excuses, LLC

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