Friday, February 12, 2010

Shirley Madera Contest Prep Update

Well, week 11 was a great week. Workouts went well. They consisted of the normal break down of muscle groups. All off my lifts went up by 10+ pounds. So training is just simply amazing.
Now as for the eating, that's another story. I crave almonds all the time. I think it is a stress reliever for me. My diet changed slightly. My oatmeal was cut to 1/3 cup with 3 egg whites and 1 whole egg. I am to have 2 50 grams of protein throughout the day. My lunch and dinner consisted of 8 oz. lean ground beef with 1/4 - 1/3 cup broccoli or spinach. I couldn't eat that much beef in a sitting so I broke it up throughout the day. I need to do this meal plan for about 2 weeks to see how I come along. This is totally different than I have done before so it is weird for me to be eating lean ground beef 11 and 10 weeks out. Hopefully it works.
On Friday I was able to attend PhatCamp with Jenn Hendershott, 2 time Ms. Fitness Olympia. It was fantastic to see Jen and Lisha Dean. Can I just say that Jen and Lisha kicked our a$$. We did all bodyweight exercises for the most part and I was quite sore for a couple of days. Needless to say I ended the weekend motivated and pumped, ready to take on week 10 but after a great epsome salt w/ lavender bath.

I am so sore but I must push through it. On Monday, my trainer was sick so no workout. Yes I could have done it myself but I was sore and figured I could use the rest but I would have to make it up sometime during the week. My cardio now consists of 2 hours of resistance cardio. For example I use either the stepper or arc trainer. I split up my cardio throughout the day for it to be more effective. So far so good my training is still going great even though I am on limited carbs. I am getting better about the almonds but there are days where I could possibly eat the entire container, lol.
I just found out that my mealplan is definitely gong to change at the end of this week. Yippee, I think....
I am getting leaner and my vascularity is coming in. Hopefully the legs will come in faster this time around. Everyone is starting to notice the changes occurring, from m trainer/boss to my co-workers, clients and friends. It feels fantastic. I had to drop to 4 oz. of lean ground beef every other day and chicken for most of my meals except for breakfast and the protein drinks I get. I am getting more and more excited but anxious all at the same time. Now the fun really begins but I must forewarn everyone that this is about when agitation begins. I have learned the signs so I will remove myself from the situation. As soon as I find out what my new plan is I will let you know.

Be fit, be healthy,

Shirley Madera
Progress Personal Training

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