Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Competitors Edge

A Weekly Blog By nationally Ranked Bikini Competitor Vanessa Prebyl

Hello to all of my readers!!! Today I was reading FLEX- the March issue and came across Joe Weider's article about Life in Balance on page 22. At this point we all have put in hard work in order to do well in our competitions, but there os an educational part to competing as well. In saying this, I have used books, videos, websites, and magazines in order to Balance/Educate myself in all aspects of building muscles and perfecting my presentation. I have a few favorite items that have helped me tremendously, which are as follows:

* Jenny Lynn's video- The Harder I Work, The Luckier I Get!!! (Yes Jenny is/was a Figure competitor, and a great one at that. In this DVD she talks about a variety of important issues regarding getting prepared for a competition.)
* Gina Aliotti's G-Fit DVD
* Julie Lohre's Ultimate Posing Guide for Bikini
* Arnold Schwarzenegger- The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding. (This has to be the BEST book I have ever read. It is truly the bible of bodybuilding and really helps if you have any weak points.)
* Muscle & Fitness, FLEX, Muscular Development, and Muscle Mag. (Don't get me wrong ladies, I know these magazines are geared towards bodybuilding for males, but I have found the men's magazines describe proper form better and offer a greater insight into nutrition.

As you can see, I have a variety of mediums that I take from in order to be the best competitor I possibly can be. From the knowledge I have gained by doing this, I would highly recommend that you read up on how to improve your physique and presentation any chance you get. The more information you have, the more well-rounded you will be.

"The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a man's (woman's) determination" Tommy Lasorda

Much Love to All,

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