Friday, February 5, 2010

Beth Schneider's Contest Prep Update

Arnold Update....

Busy week getting my independent training business going strong: Just love helping others feel empowered when they take charge of their health and fitness! Such a great feeling!

Cardio is one hour AM and one hour PM now...Dropping carbs low for 4 days then up high 1 day and back down for 5 more ...Getting closer and starting to get more lean! Yay!

Tuesady with Sagi:
Am Cardio stairs one hour

Superset side lat raises w Front raises turning wrist up to really hit anterior delt
Drop set

Superset Sitted Rear Delt raises with Incline DB shoulder Press dropset
PM cardio..Hi Incline Tread. one hour

Wed. Feb 3

Cardio One hour am stairs
Chest and tris
Cable flys ss with Pushups
Hammer Strength Inc. Press w Drop set
Incline DB press ss with Flys
Pushups with Feet on Bench
Cardio 1 hour...Hi incline tread

Thursday: Feb 4 Leg Day w Sagi!
One hour cardio on Stairs
Leg Extension ss with reverse lunge w kettle ball
Smith Mach. Squats...drop set ss with front lunges w 20 lb DB
Leg Press pyramid up from 2 to 8 plates...then drop set..supers set with standing lunges and squats with DB between legs.

Did one hour class at my gym for PM cardio
Keeping with about 240 grams of protein and low carbs...

I throw in a few extras after my morning cardio like adductor/abductor, hyperextensions focusing on glutes, sitted leg curls, hanging abs, calves...

Amazing what lower carbs and extra cardio can do for you...feeling great and starting to see results from the heavier training!

26 more days!!!!

I will also be working with EFX at the Arnold at their excited...check out I am a firm believer in this and feel like it has really helped with balance strength and focus during my precontest training and on stage!

Thanks again for all the support...This is a great journey!

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