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Christy Donat Interview

If looking for a word to describe Christy Donat, many enter my mind, but COOL, is the one that sticks out. Christy is a beautiful woman, and is also very fun. I have shared messages with her on Facebook and things and she is always so pleasant and appreciative. She looks, good, knows she looks good, and shows it. She is one of the people who are proving female bodybuilders can be sexy. She helps knock down stereotypes. Not only that, but at times when I have been low, she has said some things to help bring me up. Simply put, Christy is very cool.

Q: First, Christy, Thanks so much for doing this.

Q: OK, I guess first we should start off with a little about you. How long have you been bodybuilding and what got you started?
A: A little About Me: I have been a personal trainer for 25 years. I have been training with weights since 1984 for upper body strength for dance; since 1989, for Bodybuilding, when I competed in one of the first fitness competitions held in Las Vegas, Nevada. I took many years off from competing until 2000. I got back into competition after having my daughter. It was my goal to get into competitive shape and show my clients that women don’t have to accept weight gain just because they have a child.
I’m truly a life-long athlete. From my pre-teens until age 23, I studied classical ballet, apprenticing with the Garden State Ballet. I then went on to study ice dance at the Olympic Training Centers in Spring Valley, New York, and Newark, Delaware. I skated professionally and coached figure skating as well as ice hockey, both on and off the ice. After an injury left me unable to skate, personal training became my full-time career.
Why I Love It: I think that bodybuilding is a way of life - It gives us confidence, self-awareness and a very strong will-power to accomplish anything life can throw at us - I love to workout I find it to be a high that you can’t get anywhere else - And, the end product from all the hard work truly shows itself.
How I Stay Motivated: I set goals for myself and refuse not to complete them - Also, training with a wonderful training partner and supportive friends and family gives that extra push and support needed to succeed.

Q: Is there anyone or more than one person in the sport you looked up to or strived to be like, or even anyone you still admire now?
A: I truly admire Bev Francis - I think that she opened up the eyes of the world to be accepting of women with muscle

Q: Can you share your contest history.
*2003- International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Worlds- 6th
*2003- International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Mania Nationals Figure- 5th
*2003- International Natural Bodybuilding Federation Natural Mania Nationals Open Heavyweight- 5th
*2004- Barbados Grand Prix- Open Heavyweight- 3rd
*2004- Grand Cayman Grand Prix- Open Heavyweight- 3rd
*2007- NPC Southern Classic Bodybuilding Championships- Open Lightweight- 1st
*2007- NPC Vulcan Classic Bodybuilding Championships- Open Middleweight- 1st and Overall
*2008- NPC National Jr. USA- Open Light Heavyweight- 4th
*2009- NPC USA- Middleweight- 8th

Q: Is there any certain bodypart or exercise that you would call your favorite to train?
A: I love to train legs and back.

Q: In general what is most peoples reaction to your physique? Any one specific comment that has ever stood out? How do you feel FBB's are treated in general?
A: Most people are not very accepting of how I look where I currently live - most people point and stare with out saying anything - My friends and gym members are very supportive and respectful of the hard work and dedication that goes into competing - I try and help when I can if I see someone having difficulties in the gym

Q: I am of the belief judging in the sport, especially the women, needs to be improved. What are your thoughts on that aspect of the sport?
A: I don't really know that there is so much a need for the judging to be improved - I think that we just as competitors need to understand and research what they are looking for and expecting of us.

Q: Do you keep track of measurements, and if so care, to share?
weight: off season - 160
weight: contest - 125
chest around bust - 35 3/4
chest around shoulder - 44 1/4
bicep 14 1/2
waist 27 1/4
hip 35 3/4
calf 14 1/2
forearm 10 1/2

Q: What is one thing someone would be very surprised to know about you?
A: I think that I am a total mush and not the hard ass everyone perceives me to be.

Q: Besides training, do you have any other hobbies or interests? Maybe describe a day in the life of Christy Donat.
A: Up until June of 2009 - I was a partner in a Tennessee Walking Horse Breeding and Training Facility - I would have to say that horses are my other true passion in life - But, I made the decision to concentrate on competing and my training.
I love to cook and off season Sunday's is dinner at my home for my training partner and close friends - I make anything from homemade ravioli to taco soup - I tend to dream about food on Saturday nights and then prepare what ever I have dreamt the night before

Q: I know that for myself, I prefer to train by myself, keep at my own pace and things like that. Do you have any kind of preference?
A: I love training with my training partner Brian Moss - He is the owner of the gym, competitor and a big boy - so, it gives me that competitive edge to work and push harder.

Q: I have two huge pet peeves at the gym. Talking to me while lifting, and not reracking the weights. Anything that anybody better be sure not to do when you are at the gym?
A: I think that we all have the same pet peeves as you say - talking and not racking weights - My big peeve is sitting on a piece of equipment talking on their cell phone - I don't get it if you want to talk go get a cup of coffee.

Q: What is your typical split? What bodyparts what days, or do you tend to vary it?
A: One body part a day with the exception of arms being done together. Abs, calves and cardio vary based on the time of the season

Q: What is the one question you hate people asking and the biggest misconception about female bodybuilders?
A: I don't hate people asking questions but I do think the funniest question most ask is - "Do you work out?" That I will never understand.
I don't know that I would call it a misconception of female bodybuilders I think it is that the general public doesn't understand our passion for what we do and why - But, I think that it is with most things that are not the norm in life - people are afraid or don't ask the right questions to understand or learn about the topic

Q: DO you have any advice for people just starting out with bodybuilding or weight training?
A: I honestly think that for people first starting out the smartest thing is to hire a trainer and learn to do things correctly - bad habits are hard to break and correct form produces better results

Q: OK, know you have your own website as well as you are able to be found on other sites. Lets start with your website. Can you give that out and tell people what they can find on it.
A: I can be found many places -,,,,, and many other places - just google away.
All the sites have my stats, competitive achievements, photo shoots and other personal information.

Q: Besides website, is there anything else that you have going on that you want to let people know about?
A: At the moment I am just concentrating on my training for the current year and continue building my personal training clientele at Humboldt Fitness llc Humboldt TN.

Q: Any future plans like competing or anything else for 2010?
A: I have switch trainers for this upcoming season - I will be working with Mike Horn IFBB Pro and his wife Jan Horn - I am very excited with this change and look forward to seeing improvements in my physic - As of now, I will be competing at the Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh, The USA in Las Vegas and not sure where else but I will keep everyone posted thru my website -, Facebook and Myspace

Q: Christy, I want to thank you so much for agreeing to do this. Any thing else you want to say before we go?
A: To say thank you Jason for taking the time to support and encourage all of us in our journey in this sport and I hope that you reach and achieve your future goal to compete.
And, I would like to wish all the best to my fellow FBB competitors for this 2010 season!!!
I would love to see FBB's getting a little more sponsorship recognition in the magazines - We don't see very much designated to FBB's as we do the Figure and Fitness women (who work just as hard as we do).

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