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Christina Sears Column

Well two weeks of the diet is up and gone, I’m not going to sit here and say it was easy because it’s not. I mean I knew that weight cutting is hard for athletes but body builders (if done properly) really have their work cut out for them as well. I always respected the sport of body building, sometimes I will admit that I think to myself when I see some body building athletes (men and women) “wow, how big is too big.” Sometimes it looks unnatural and probably is unnatural, but to each their own if that’s how they want to train right?

So in two weeks I’ve managed to get my weight down to 108lbs I was 105 two years ago but a skinny scrawny 105lbs. I’m 108lbs right now with muscle so I’m pretty excited. Last time I tried to work out and life I was fat but I guess I wasn’t guided right with diet and stuff plus stress was all over the place. I’m in a good place right now, I don’t think I’ve mentioned about being fat in awhile some days its natural to feel it but other days most days that is I’m fine. Weight was a big issue for me (if you read my previous blogs). So when I started this process I knew that the diet yes would be hard but not the hardest part for me, mental prep would be the hardest thing because my esteem on my weight and believe it or not the way I looked was just so low. To talk to me you would never guess it, but if you got to know me it would show through in the way i dressed and some of the stuff I did.

I’m not excited about the weight on the scale going down I’m excited about being MY SIZE and not looking heavier then what I should for a little person you know?

So I had a cheat day this week, I guess I didn’t chat as bad as what I thought I would in terms of bad bad food. I had an awesome roast dinner my mom cooked, with mashed potatoes, corn, green beans it was really deeeelish! Watched movies after and munched out on some reeces, ice cream and two bite cup cakes (my faces)! My tummy hurt so bad going into the next day I was ready for the diet again...

If you’re wondering how I take the fish oils, I just started taking it straight and chasing it with water its been working thus far same with my supplements. I”m glad I’m not on a pharmacy of supplements I know some people that took like 8 different bottles of stuff? I have two things that I take everyday, and the others are just if i need them so its not often I take them.

The hardest part about what I am doing is being tired at the end of the day, because I am trying to get in those work outs and I work a lot (a lot of you know how much I work) and I also have to fit that diet into my lifestyle. So it means waking up prepping getting everything ready and what not.

My friends have ben supportive and coming around to the idea, when we go out they don’t ask about the diet and make it my life they still treat me as they would any other time. I went out for dinner with a friend not to long ago and he asked no questions as i was really looking at the menu for something to eat.. lucky it was a place I knew really well so I kinda had an idea of what I could have.

My work mates, know I have to eat and some make fun at the big pail I bring with me, full of food depending on the shift but none of them make fun they are supportive and i have eyes all over work so I can’t even cheat there if I wanted too.

I have gone to the gym with a few people from work they have come down to my gym or I have been down to theirs and now I have the reputation of making people “hurt.” They all joke about it, and we have a good laugh in work, my one manager she always pokes fun at the fact I can flip a 250lb tired and I can’t carry three plates.

I recently worked out with Carrie I did the half hour of cardio she wanted to start with, I can’t say I was thrilled watching the television running at a 7.0 pase on the treadmill trying to lose myself in the music or focus on something else other then my legs moving because it was pretty boring. Did I tell you about the time I plugged my ear phones into the little thing on the treadmill to hear the television (thinking I would lose myself in the show/new etc) and I got a static shock in the ear. I haven’t done it since. Carrie is what pretty much kept me going on the treadmill I kept thinking to myself if she can run that long I can run that long, I did break out a good sweat for sure. So then it was over to the weights (my territory) I told her she didn’t have to squat if she didn’t want to, but I needed to get them done before we did anything else...

Carrie is someone who likes a challenge and is game for anything so she got under that bar and I coached her through some light sets. Then we threw on some weight, she ended up squatting 95lbs and did a fantastic job at it (i mean for someone who’s never done it before in their life)! I was pretty excited for her, and she was my spot incase I failed on 155lbs.

Then we decided to do “Cindy” I did her front words and Carrie did her backwards, what I mean by that is the “Cindy” crossfit work out is

5 pull ups (we did weighted sit ups)

10 push ups

15 squats

as many times as possible as fast as you can for 20 minutes.

Carrie and I grabbed the 2 heaviest medicine balls that the gym had and went to town, she did 15 sit ups, 10 push ups, 5 squats

and i did it the way it was suppose to but sit ups obviously and not pull ups...

Seriously she was a machine I was very proud she did the entire 20 minutes and didn’t bitch about it just kept pushing it out. She was a real inspiration to work with, and I just hope I inspired her as much as she did me.

I also trained with a guy I work with Jordan, he’s more bodybuilding style, really interested in that stuff so naturally we got to talking at work. Good kid, showed me a lot of stuff my brain was like so expanded after the gym.

We did some benching, and I was shocked that I could bench 95lbs was was crazy for me considering I left off at 120lbs for three sets of 5 reps. I tried to do 115 and got caught Jordan giggled at me a bit but was impressed I could even do 95lbs it was a pretty good feeling for not benching for five months!

Mark took me through what Pete and Elaine had mapped out for me in the next few weeks had to get a good understanding of that and the best person to go to is Mark. He’s been really great helping me out if he sees me lifting he will come by and spot me if he’s got no clients and what not. After he was showing me all the stuff and explaining it for me (seeing how I’m really gym stupid) we went into the aerobics room and threw down. Yeah that’s right, we did some rolling!!!! It was wicked.... Obviously not rolling for 5 months I felt retarded but it was still awesome I hope that we get together and do that again soon!

So all and all things are looking on the up and up... the diet is becoming life, and the work outs are getting good. I try and keep it so I feel really motivated and what not writing everything down like a nerd.

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