Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fitness and Friends by Jenny Phantharath

Fitness and Friends

I decided to write about the subject fitness and friends because I believe those two come in hand while you are getting ready for a competition or just simply trying to lead a healthier lifestyle.

I am writing this blog from personal experience, as I draw closer to my second competition and finding it more difficult to be part of a social circle so I can avoid the alcohol, and the foods which are not part of my diet, but luckily I have a great support team.

As my adventure began into the world of fitness and bikini, I have my boyfriends, and friends, Stacy Alway, Mari Lara, and Ashley McTucker. All of these people contribute to my healthy lifestyle and success in many different ways.

Stacy is a hard working mom of two kids, owns her own bagel shop, and is ten years older than me. She has been pushing me hard mentally and physically when i wanted to give up. She was the one pushing me on stage and I thank her for that.

My best friend and sister I call her, is Mari. She is one of the most unselfish people I know. I will wake up at 3am to drive an hour just to work out with her, because I love being around her. She has lots of positive energy. She supports me and we never get jealous of each other. We incorporate each other with any new details of diets, training, modeling, etc..... We love to see each other succeed. I could never ask for a better friend. Plus she does my hair and make-up backstage.

Then there is my friend Ashley. We have a long history with each other. I was the skinny tooth pick girl and Ashley was a little heavier in high school. We would spend our spare time eating out of her mom's refrig. 24/7. It wasn't until a couple of months ago we got back into contact after high school. Now we are health nuts together. Ashley texts me at 4:30am every morning to wake me up and encourage me, does anyone have a friend that does that? Ashley is inspiring to em because she has turned her life around completely, and she is beautiful inside and out.

Lastly is my soul mate Will, we have been together over six years and we are closer than ever because of "our" new passion for a healthier lifestyle. We support each other every way we can by making our weeks meals together, he trains me on legs, makes sure I measure my food, and workds extra hard so I can have the best trainer, and food possible.

I hope everyone is as lucky as I am to ahve a great support team. It is one of the most important things o ahve, because we all fall and we need great people to help pick us up.

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  1. You have started a fabulous & exciting journey Jenny & I am so happy to be a part of it. You have helped push me in the direction I desire to be in instead of leading me astray & I hope to always have you in my life. In fact I know I will always have you in my life. You are so very true & loyal as a friend & I can't wait to see where we are in 5 years. Even a year from now I know we will be hand in hand supporting eachother through everythig we are doing! Congratulations on your success & I look forward to spending a lifetime congratulating you on your achievements. I'll be texting you at 4:30am with loads of love!

  2. Jenny I'm so proud of you !!! I love this and I'm happy & honered to be your best friend I can't imagine my everyday without you !:) You are the most motivating most encouriging person I know ! Not to mention you kick assay everything you do !!! :) I love you and look forward to read more of yourblogs