Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The O' Sh*t Experience Part 2 by Lindsey McFerran

The Trials and Tribulations of My First Figure Show

Holler fellow Bloggers,
Sorry to leave you in suspense from the last blog, but I had to make sure you would keep coming back for more, if you know what I mean.......

So as I was saying, I was tanned up, pumped up, glued to my suit, and lubed up, so I am ready to hit the stage!!!!!

Now the O' SH*T!!!!!! moment occurs, the moment where I realize there is a huge audience of people and I am half naked in hooker heels that I can barely walk in. The "O'SH*T" moment where I would of peed my pants if I was not so severely dehydrated. So there I am standing in line with my class waiting to step on stage.

I get out on stage and what do I do? FREEZE like a deer in headlights. I must have gotten temporary amnesia because I forgot all the things my trainer told me about posing. I guess the only way I can describe this to you readers is SHOW YOU.

When I start for my front pose, my legs are spread sooo far apart that it looks like a semi-truck could go right through them.

I do another quarter turn and my side pose is a little better but not by very much.

Another quarter turn, and I get to the crucial BACK POSE> I did not even come close to spreading my lats, which to all you first time competitors, is SOMETHING YOU NEED TO MASTER!

Another quarter turn and back to my front pose, standing there on stage trying to smile and hide my EXTREME NERVOUSNESS. Counting down the minutes or in my case, seconds till I get to turn off the stage.

But as I was standing there, I knew one thing and one thing only, "I WAS HOOKED ON THIS SPORT", the adrenaline rush, the posing suit riding halfway up my ass, the butterflies, actually correction, DINOSAURS IN MY STOMACH. I loved it. I guess you could say that this was my make or break moment. When all the dreaded cardio sessions on the stair master ( Side note: best piece of cardio equipment, hands down), the dieting, the lack of sex, ooops, did I say that out loud, was all worth it.

So even if I came in dead last, I was still going to hop on stage again.

So how did I do!!! Well, you gotta stay tuend for my next blog for the CONCLUSION of my trials and tribulations of My First Figure Show.

Thanks for reading, keep training hard, and your eye on the prize. AYO AYO AYO Ladies and Gentleman.

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