Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Arnold Experience

I decided to post about my Arnold Experience on both blogs. This will be all over the map, so if I jump back and forth between stories excuse me. No secret IFBB Figure Pro Ann Titone has taken over my diet. I love Ann, she has been great to me. It was so happy to meet her and her husband Jack. I also got to meet all the other Jacked Up Divas girls, including Allison Moyer, and Ali Dies, who have been so good to me. I met some other people I have met on Facebook, and was so happy to meet in person, like P.J. Braun (my favorite male bodybuilder), Jamie Eason, Tracey Dawn Winters, Heather Colleen Smith,Heather Mae French, heather Grace, Taylor Waldrup Gail Auerbach Drexel Long, Tiffany Forni, Amanda Butz, Sherri Gray,Beth Schneider, Eryn Strickland and so many others. I will not get into all the names, because it will take forever so don't feel left out if I didn't mention you.
I do need to point a few out. First and foremost are Ann Titone and Danny J Johnson. A separate paragraph is needed for each.
BY who I have know longer let's start with Danny J. Danny, is someone who it is widely known I love. Danny has given me so much great advice, and has become a friend, who I can call or text when I need advice. I promote Danny in every contest she does, because she deserves it. Also when I am down, she picks me up. Danny is a thoughtful, caring, and special person, and I am so honored I know her.
Now Ann Titone. Where do I start here. Ann if a Pro. Pro means, the elite. She helps me with my diet, and like Danny, is always there when I need advice. She doesn't have to help me, but she does, and she encourages me. At first, for some reason I was really intimidated to meet Ann for some reason. I think because I have had a fear I annoy her with all my questions, but now I know I don't. Ann deserves all her success.
Some things happened I will never forget. Simply things like hugging Danny, Ann, Ali Dies, Allison Moyer, Eryn Strickland, and others. Meeting PJ Braun was huge for me. Not a secret, mostly I am about helping promote women. But PJ, is the MAN. I think he is great, and he was super nice. The sport needs more P.J. Braun's. Things like when there were lines to meet people and I got to skip the line to meet them. Ali Dies making me feel so special and feel like I was important, I will never forget. Ali is one of the most beautiful women you will ever see, but meeting her in person, her photos do not do her justice. Just simply gorgeous, and inside she is even more beautiful.
Also A big shot out to Jack Titone, Ann's husband. He was really cool, and I was honored to meet him. Lady's if you are a Figure competitor, or want to be one, talk to Jack, no one can get your there better than him. Was happy that he seems interested in writing a monthly column for my blog. Jack is someone I respect so much.
So what is the moral of the story. Well, it is simple. I was so inspired. My goal is to compete in 4-5 years. Now I want it more than ever. I am prepared to make this my life and do whatever I have to, to achieve my goal. People in fitness sometimes get a bad rap. Well let me tell you, if the world had more fitness and bodybuilding competitors in it, it would be a better place. They inspired me so much. I can do this, I want to do this, I will do this. WHY? Because I said so. Because Ann Titone, Danny J Johnson,Jaime Eason, and Ali Dies said I could. There are others, and some that were not there, and except for you Sarah, I don't need to mention them. Sarah Kinney, I must mention for all she has done for me.
Thank you everyone for giving me the best two days of my life.


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  1. It sounds like you had an amazing time in Columbus. Hope to be there next year! :)