Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Christina Sears Weekly Column

So its been a month, since I decided I was going to go on a diet, get rid of some of this “fluff” and try and see where I can dip my feet while I’m away from my jiu jitsu gym!

So far, this diet has shed 7lbs of fluff off my body, and I have just started the specific work outs for this journey. It’s all I believe basic beginner stuff because like I’ve said in the past that I’m not very “gym savvy.”

Some find that hard to believe, but really when it comes down to it I just pay attention to details, I see what people d, how they work out.. do I know specifically what everyone of those things do (HELL NO), but I tend to ask a lot of questions and I am open to whatever help I can get. Everyone has a different way, and if you keep an open mind and open ears I find only then will you be able to really know a lot about a lot of things and pick and choose what works for you.

We are all different, we come in different sizes, and shapes, and some are quicker then others, some naturally have that ability in the gym others need to work on it. I’m not going to say I’m a natural. Look at me, I’m 4‘10.5 and honestly I’ve always felt like my height and size was some what of my own personal handicap.

Sounds kind of stupid to all of you tall and heavier people but its true, I mean wrestling or jiu jitsu I was ALWAYS the smallest I think even the 12 year old kids I was teaching at one time were bigger then me even. I was ALWAYS the only female, and no matter where I turned I was always having some kind of challenge thrown my way.

It wasn’t until I started training Crossfit where I started to understand the gym, and diet, and other things. Also being an MMA reporter part time helped, I got to talk to so many different fighters and learned first hand what it takes to prepare for a fight. It was humbling, and made me really hungry.

I heard this saying


That’s what I started to do, I mean there are a lot of things I love and I love to train I love to stay motivated. Unfortunately at this time in my life I can’t train at my MMA gym like I use too, doesn’t mean I don’t wonder about my second family or miss them. The guys I train with were like some older brothers I didn’t have. My coaches they were mentors I really looked up to them and still really respect them. THEY all have had a part in shaping me to who I am and what I’m about when it comes down to training.

They didn’t let me give up because I was “too little” and they didn’t go easy on me because I was “under weight” either. That developed me some thicker skin in the gym. I started out at the bottom and I have slowly been working my way up.

People have noticed a difference in my body, how I look and I get those compliments sometimes (especially from people who understand the gym). I try to stay humble about it, I am a continuos work in progress and out of this entire thing I just want to just want to be an inspiration to people like others were to me. Sometimes its hard to go through this diet, and training its a pretty “lone” sport. I miss the joking around and chirping I use to do on the mats with my boys, I miss my coach chirping at me telling the team that just because I’m a women doesn’t mean they treat me any different and they must punch me in the face haha.. little things like that inside jokes.

I love where I train now though too... I’m starting to get to know some great people all who have a different way of training and I’m always open to suggestions. PLUS its great to meet new people. I’m kind of a shy person and keep to myself so its hard for me to just talk to anyone sometimes.

So this week in training, I did my official weigh in of the month and I have OFFICIALLY lost seven pounds of “fluff” and I’m not going to sit here and say “oh it was easy” because that would be a lie. Diet is hard, you’re influenced with a lot of other things around you, its sometimes hard to stay focused. I know I use to say to myself “awe.. its only a little bit” but it takes a really determined person to stay focused.

The first few weeks were hard, and I found it hard at “certain times” of the month but other then that, it really did get better, it became a way of life. I work at two restaurants, and when I’m at work I wanted to eat EVERYTHING, I had to bring extra stuff in my lunch because it would save me from just breaking somedays. My work peers have been really supportive and are always asking how things are going, the only thing the managers asked of me is not to go “crazy” like some people do when on a diet like this. I assured them if it came to that I would take care of it quick. Some of my work peers have even come to train with me too (Travis, Carrie, Jen) and it was fun and a real bonding experience for sure.

I have started the work out to start “sculpting” stuff I suppose, I guess certain body parts have to look a certain way for you to do well. So its pretty much almost like a beauty contest with some “muskles.” Not saying these women work hard I’m sure they do, just makes me giggle a little bit when I think of it in that sense.

A lot of these types of work outs I’ve NEVER done for the life of me.

My friends who are sponsoring me through this entire thing at PDN Shoppe put together not only my diet, but thats where I got all my supplements, and they also did up my first 3 weeks of a work out.

I started this work out process like I said and I’m so lost, but its good to have friends who know what they are doing, it helps me not to rely on YouTube instructional videos and actually get hands on help.

Mark, a friend of mine whom I’ve known since high school wrestling was kind enough to walk me through what the different work outs are and what they mean. He’s a trainer at GoodLife fitness on Centennial and Barton in Hamilton. An amazing guy with a lot of certs under his belt, he really is passionate about what he’s doing and such a friendly down to earth guy. When I asked him for help and even told him about this brainer idea to pursue this he never once made me feel like I couldn’t do it and he’s one of the people who is always asking me and pushing me to do better. I appreciated the time he took to help me out, if your looking for a trainer over there and your a member of that gym I guarantee you your money will be well spent with him in your corner helping you achieve your fitness goals.

I’ve been working out with a friend of mine Tony, he’s 6’7 (AT LEAST) and probably 230lbs bit big guy! Must look retarded to see me who’s the size of his one leg and him work out together, but he helped me out today with some stuff I had to do for chest really helped me with form and gave me some ideas of other things I could probably incorporate which was awesome. I appreciated that he took the time to show me things and explain them, of course he was another one who couldn’t believe I really wasn’t all that gym savvy! He was pretty patient with me, and answered my questions and didn’t treat me like a girly girl who is trying to hang with the big boys... he treated me like anyone else.

We always joke about the squats because I’m currently squatting more then him.

We did some cardio together today, he likes doing cardio with me because I push him. I’m so tiny and when he sees me just going to town on that thing he can’t fall behind in his head it looks bad that someone much smaller (and a women) is tearing up the treadmill so he and I keep each other motivated. Plus every so often we will chirp each other I usually tell him to stop being a “B#@ch” and run faster etc.. and he does the same to me.

There is another guy I talk to on a regular basis (or when I see him) at the gym name Brendan! He’s also a personal trainer over there at GoodLife and really down to earth as well, very smart too. He’s always interesting to talk to, kinda pick his brain here and there he’s pretty honest with me about things which I like, I hate bullshit (pardon my french)! So hopefully I can set up some work outs with him, just mix it up a bit! Like I said I love training with other people keeps me motivated and humbled.

Things are going great thus far... its a lot of work and believe me a few times I totally wanted to just give up, but in 3 weeks I will be posting more pictures to show how my body is being sculpted!!

Stay Tuned!

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