Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fitness and Friends by Jenny Phantharath

I hear a lot of people and get a lot of requests about what I am eating, but as soon as I mention meats and protein, they get scared. People assume I spend tons of money on "whole foods", name brand supplements, and personal trainers.They tell me they can't afford that, and I ask them, "you can't afford being healthy?" I tell a lot of people this story about finance because I am an auditor and I have my own ways of saving money. But six years ago I moved to Sacramento with $3,000 in my checking account and moved in with my boyfriend who was making great money but to tell you the truth, did not save a dime. In three months I was able to alter our living style and saved over $10,000 and used that as a down payment towards the home we are living in now. Now I am facing another obstacle in life, it is called the down economy. Our current living situation is one income, but luckily we were smart and saved, but as each month passes, I try to save more money because life is uncertain and plus, the world of physiques is expensive to get into.

Below are some tips:

1. Make a budget!!! This needs to outline what you bring in and ALL your bills and what you would like to do. (excel has great budget templates)
2. If you have a gym membership, ask the gym if they are having any discounts/specials. People who work for PG&F, Home Depot, etc.... receive lots of discounts, or think about purchasing videos such as P90X or ChaLean Extreme, which I do while I am home and traveling.
3. Ask friends and families if they have their own gardens, and if you can get free fruits or eggs. For example, my boyfriends mom has her own garden and chicken, so I get free whole eggs, lettuce, broccoli, etc.... My aunt has an orange tree, and I can't remember the last time I brought oranges.
4. Before purchasing any food or clothing, Google on discounts. I always do this with my clothes and end up saving 1-% to 20%.
5. If you need a little push at the gym, ask a friend, your spouse, or read and research. I was once goign to someone charging me $30 an hour once a week, but I found online where I can go for $15.
6. Avoid eating out; I give my boyfriend the guiltr trip. Like if you really want that motorcycle part, you better think twice about that beer.

Overall it is your choice to purchase unnecessary items. FInancial freedom is the best freedom.

If you would like more tips or would like to simply comment on my psot, please feel free to contact me at or find me on Facebook.

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