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Allison Moyer 2010 Arnold's Interview

Not a secret. You know me, you know I am a huge Allison Moyer fan. If you know Allison, you know why I am a fan, because most likely, it is the same reasons you are a fan. She is beautiful, has a great physique that she busts her ass for, and above all, is just a really cool, nice, and likeable woman. There is no doubt Allison will one day have a Pro card. If you saw her at this year's Arnold's you saw a woman who always looks amazing, look the best she has ever looked, at least in my mind. A very impressive 4th place finish in a great group of competitors, and I am not alone in saying she could vary well have been placed higher. No doubt she will continue to improve and one day when she steps on the Arnold stage, it will not be in the amateur contest, but the Pro contest. Here is my second interview with Allison, and like the first one, she did great, and I am honored she did it.

Q: First, Allison, thanks so much for doing a second interview. No secret I am a huge fan so I am really happy you are doing another one.
A: Thank you so much for inviting me back!!

Q: For those who are not familiar, can you just tell a little about yourself.
A: Certainly! I'm a 25 year old NPC National Figure Athlete & Fitness Model. I was born and raised in Pennsylvania and currently live in Harrisburg, PA where I own and operate Alli-Fitness Systems LLC, my personal training, nutritional consultation, and lifestyle management company.

Q: You just did the Arnold Amateur's and finished 4th in a very good field of competitors. How did it feel to get 4th against so many great women?
A: I love competing in the Arnold Amateur. Although I'm already nationally qualified I chose to compete for the 2nd year in a row at the Arnold Amateur. It's possibly the best run show I've ever participated in and is professionally expedited in a timely manner, which, as most competitors will tell you, is not typically the case for a show of this caliber. I was shut out of the top 5 last year so it felt wonderful to place 4th this year!

Q: In my opinion, it is the best you have looked, possibly ever. What do you attribute that to?
A: Thank you! I attribute that to Jack Titone, my trainer. He had me undergo a variety of training changes which ultimately caused evident differences in my physique, differences that needed to be made for the sport of figure. I'm VERY grateful to him.

Q: When you look back at it, is it more happy you did so well, or is it more, "OK, what do I need to do now to finish 1st next time?"
A: For me, it's a combination of both. 4th place is not an unsatisfactory finish, but it's not first, and if it's anything less then first place, of course I'm already looking into what I need to do to bring a more solid package to the stage next time. I'm a very competitive person and I demand a lot from myself, as a woman, as a person, and as an athlete. I have a lot of confidence in my capabilities as a hard worker- and I know I have areas of my physique that need to be improved upon. I'm anxious to begin working towards achieving those changes.

Q: How was your prep different this time from other prep's?
A: My prep for the Arnold Amateur was my first prep with Jack Titone so there was a lot of change. The most significant changes though, were changes in my training, which, I'll admit, were very hard for me to make, both physically and mentally. I've been lifting seriously since I was 18/19 years old, and my training style has always been a very old school, hardcore, bodybuilding method of lifting. For me, weight training is just as much mental as it is physical. Lifting hard and heavy gives me a huge psychological satisfaction, so when Jack started making some major training changes to my routine, I was very hesitant. Humans are habitual, and any time you change a habit, it's a challenge. Jack had my stop training my arms about 6 weeks out, since I had dominant biceps and triceps. I also stopped training my chest. I began to focus on building my back and shoulders through sculpting movements, not building movements and I trained legs twice a week, including one day of intense plyometrics and sprints, which I had never done before. In short- I stopped busting ass like a bodybuilder, and began busting ass like a figure girl.

Q: Is there anything looking back you wish you had done different, or are you happy with how the whole process went?
A: I had a very difficult prep due to some sickness and digestive issues, but I'm VERY pleased with the training changes Jack made. I would have done a few things differently where my diet was concerned, but diet is usually some measure of trial and error, and I know we'll get the kinks ironed out before my next show.

Q: It was the first time I have seen you in person, so I am not the best judge, but comparing you in person to past photos, seemed you may have had less muscle mass. Is that accurate, and if so, was that the plan?
A: It's not that I had less muscle mass, it's just that the presentation was different, which was needed for figure. Typically I come in lean and hard-and relatively big for figure. This time it was our goal to come in a bit smaller and softer and to work on my stage presentation so that I looked less hard during judging. We were successful. I didn't lost much size- as soon as I got home and ate I began getting full and veiny again just like I've always been. Nutrient, food, sodium, and water manipulation will alter the APPEARANCE of the muscle, without altering the actual muscle itself. I didn't lose muscle, just presented the judges with a different look, a more steamlined "figure" like look.

Q: The last week before a show like this, are you more excited to get on stage, or worried, or what? What is the feeling like in that last week?
A: The week before I'm exhausted, mentally and physically. I have little to no energy and I'm extremely anxious. There's a huge feeling of waiting, and I'm an impatient person so that last week is agony. There's some excitement, some nervousness, and some worry, but generally I'm just tired and ready to get on stage.

Q: How about those last minutes before you step on stage? What goes through your head?
A: The last few minutes for me, are the best. When I'm backstage, in line, waiting to step out into the lights, all worry and nervousness fades away and I begin to get really excited. Prepping for a show lasts for months- months of dedication for a few seconds on stage, so in my mind, those are MY seconds. I did my work, I put in the effort, and I want to OWN those few minutes on stage.

Q: Do you try and read a judges reactions on stage, or are you just focused on doing your thing?
A: I am always making eye contact with the judges. I'll look into the audience from time to time but ultimately I'm focused on the judges, smiling and making eye contact. I've found it's hard to "read" their reactions, but I do think it's important to smile at them, make eye contact and let them know that you're comfortable and confident up there.

Q: Were there any other competitors you saw that impressed you?
A: I was backstage with over 200 women so it was very hard. I will say I was VERY impressed with my friend Laura Bailey's physique. She made some significant changes and she looked amazing. She was 2nd in her class, class D.

Q: Was there anyone you may have met for the first time that you were happy to meet?
A: I MET JENNY LYNN!!! Jenny Lynn has been my idol since I began lifting. Figure was new then, and Jenny was setting the bar for what a figure physique should look like. I met her at the expo, spoke with her briefly, and got a picture with her. I was ecstatic.

Q: You also worked the Jacked Up Diva's booth for the weekend. How did that go?
A: It was so much fun! I feel so blessed to not only be working with Jack and Ann Titone, but to be part of a team of so many beautiful, talented, and phenomenal athletes. We had a very successful booth and spoke to several ladies about joining our growing team.

Q: There were obviously a lot of people wanting pictures with you. Does it get tiring smiling so many times for pictures?
A: You know, it doesn't. Meeting that many people that have a positive response to who I am and what I do, humbles me. As athletes, and as competitors in this industry, we need to be aware that our position only exists because of fans. I'm humbled by that. The fans enable me to do what I do, so if they want a photo or want to talk to me, I try to be as accommodating as possible.

Q: What was your best memory of the whole weekend?
A: My best memory was Saturday after finals. I walked backstage after placing 4th and after getting dressed and walking out of the competitors area, I walked right into the arms of Randy and Eryn, two people closest to me, and they were so proud of me. To have that support there, was priceless for me. Competing is NOT an individual effort, and my success is made possible by the support of those around me, like Randy and Eryn.

Q: Five years from now, when someone asks you about the 2010 Arnold, what's the first thought that will come into your head?
A: Grateful.

Q: As I mentioned, a lot of people wanted to get pictures with you. You are one of the more popular competitors, is there any one thing you attribute that to, or is it a variety of factors?
A: In all honesty, I'm not sure. I became very popular through my modeling work before I ever set foot on an NPC stage. I did my first NPC show in 2007, so I'm relatively new to competing, but I've been doing physique work in modeling since 2006. I'm not always sure why I generate such a huge response, or fan base, but I'm grateful for it. I'm a very real person- very upfront, very honest, and I march to the beat of my own drum so to speak. I think, I'm general, people respond well to that.

Q; Do you know when the next time we will see you on stage again?
A: So far it's looking to be Jr Nationals in Chicago, June 22.

Q: You are still doing the radio show. For those who are not familiar with it, can you tell people about it.
A: I co host an online podcast called "Sports After Dark". We are proudly affiliated with, the premier online forum board for everything involving women's bodybuilding, figure, fitness, and bikini. I've been doing the show for about a year with my best friend host Eryn Strickland, who is also a National NPC Figure Athlete. Our show centers on interviews with women and competitors in the industry as well as photographers, promoters, and other industry persons. Past interviews have included Brian Moss, Kevin Levrone, Gina Aliotti, Lauren Powers, Andrea Giacomi, Dan Ray, Tracy Winters, Nicole Ball, and Ann Titone. Our website is:, our twitter account is, and we can be reached by email at

Q: You also have your website. Can you tell people the address and what they can find there.
A: I own two websites, my personal site which is under construction, and then, which officially launches April 1 2010. is the online site of my company, Alli-Fitness Systems LLC. The site offers affordable personal training plans and services, nutritional consultation, and lifestyle management. I truly love what I do and I've worked as a trainer for over 5 years. MY degree in Wellness and Sport Science, along with my hands on experience as a competitive athlete and model allows me a wealth of knowledge which I'm anxious to share with others. Alli-Fitness is new, barely 2 months old and I already have clients. I'm anxious to watch it grow!

Q: Anything else you want to plug or promote?
My Blog:

Q: Looking for any kind of sponsorship, if so what's the best way to reach you?
A: Probably via email;

Q: Allison, again, thanks so much, I am truly honored to have you do this. Any last words?
A: Thank you for having me Jason!!! I appreciate it!

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