Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ask Herculiza

"I'd like to announce a new weekly feature to my FBB blog, called 'Ask Herculiza'...a question and answer column like 'Dear Abby' but for FBB and sports related issues. Liza 'Herculiza' Reichenberger is a multi-titled pro natural bodybuilder and media fitness personality who specializes on orthopedics. She will be divulging some of her best-kept contest prep secrets, as well as answering general questions concerning sports injuries, diet and nutrition, gym and stage etiquette, you name it! Submit your questions to me, and each week she'll take on 3, answering those most helpful and relevant to my readers. Humor is allowed and encouraged, and don't be embarassed to 'throw it out there!'
If you have questions please send them to me on Facebook or email me at This is a great chacne to learn from a very accomplished bodybuilder.

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