Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Becoming What You Love by Macey Leigh

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Sometimes we believe in something so much that we can see the end result, but we don’t know exactly how to get there. We can envision the end result but we end up getting frustrated and overwhelmed because we don’t know exactly the steps to take to get there. Its hard for impatient people like myself to slow down and truly appreciate the present moment. It’s the unfortunate truth that PRESENT moment is truly all we ever really have. Sure, we have hopes, dreams and aspirations. We can see the end result of what we want and we can even formulate a plan to get there—but what about now? Are we enjoying the journey? Or are we too focused on the end that we forget what kind of road we are walking?

One of my all time favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz, and I like to take the analogy of “following the yellow brick road” to illustrate my point here—the road that we are walking to get to the magical land of Oz, the perfect body, the perfect love, the perfect life…is precious in itself. On that road you will learn all the lessons you need to appreciate that end result. My hope for you is that on the road that you travel, you stop for a minute once in a while when a lesson is presented to you.

Don’t forget: The scarecrow wanted a brain, the tinman wanted a heart, the lion wanted courage, and Dorothy just wanted to go Home.

What do you want to learn on YOUR yellow brick road?


Macey Leigh

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