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Dallas Malloy Interview

My three greatest loves are MMA, boxing, and bodybuilding. I first became a Dallas Malloy fan because of boxing, and an even bigger fan because of bodybuilding. I remember being in high school and reading about this teenage girl who was trying to fight in a sanctioned amateur bout and U.S.A amateur boxing wouldn't let her. I remember rooting for her in her fight and lawsuit against U.S.A. boxing and being so happy when she was finally allowed to have a sanctioned fight. Sure, part of it was like any high school kid, I thought she was cute, so I rooted for her. But it was just as much a case of "why wouldn't they not want females to fight? Doesn't seem fair" Then she stopped fighting. Then one day I saw a picture of a bodybuilder. Had no name on the picture, but I knew that face looked familiar. Then it dawned on me..... "that's Dallas Malloy". She was still beautiful, and her physique was incredible. I found out Dallas had been competing in Bodybuilding and had done rather well. But let's be clear here. There is so much more to Dallas Malloy then boxing and bodybuilding. Dallas, is a trainer, an actress, play piano, and is simply an inspirational woman. To me, if you are a female who competes in an individual sport, you should really take the time to learn about Dallas, because she helped make things easier for you. I consider it a huge honor that Dallas took the time to do this interview, and am very honored to now present it to you.

Q: First Dallas, I want to thank you for taking the time for doing this. I am a huge fan, and am so honored to have you a part of this.
A: Thank you~it's my pleasure.

Q: Can you start out by just telling a little about yourself. Family, where you are from, things like that.
A: Born in Southern California, but grew up in Washington state

Q:Now, there are alot of people who may read this, who may not know how important somethings you have done are. Can you share a little bit about your successful challenge of the U.S.A boxing bylaw and becoming the first female amateur to have a sanctioned bout.
A: I started boxing at 15, I found out that females were excluded from sanctioned amateur boxing in the U.S., so in order to do what I loved, I filed a discrimination suit against the U.S. Amateur Boxing Federation with the help of the ACLU and we forced them to set up a women's division. After winning in court, I finally had the first ever sanctioned match with another female boxer, and won by unanimous decision. I was 16 years old then.

Q: Do you think the female fighters today realize how big of a thanks they owe you?
A: I suppose you'd have to ask them :) I do receive acknowledgement for my work and I'm proud of what I've been able to do, and of course it makes me so happy that many others have been able to benefit.

Q: What do you remember about the first fight?
A: I was so focused, I had been through it over and over in my mind so many times, I wasn't really nervous, I was ready, it goes by so fast too, it's surreal.

Q: Not long after that you decided to quit boxing. What made you decide on that?
A: I'd been boxing for about a year and a half--I've always done a lot of things in life, and especially at that age I was prone to change and do new things often, it didn't seem strange to me.

Q: Do you still follow the sport, and if so, any favorites to watch?
A: I don't follow boxing now, but I love it and I always will.

Q: How long after the boxing did you move onto bodybuilding, and why bodybuilding?
A: Bodybuilding was actually my first love, I started lifting at 14 when I was inspired by Terminator II. It left a very strong impression on me in many ways, I started lifting the next day. I also saw Bev Francis, one of the first really big female bodybuilders in the 80's, and loved her physique.

Q: Was bodybuilding something you picked up fairly quickly? How long before you started to see results?
A: I just started, I didn't know how to train, or about nutrition or anything, but I was driven. I did power lifting in school, learned some things there, a lot of trial and error, later I had a couple different trainers to guide me. I'm mostly self taught and continue to learn every day, it's ongoing, it's for a lifetime. I got stronger quickly, having a strong mind is everything.

Q: Was competing the goal from day one, and if not, what made you decide to compete?
A: It wasn't, I didn't really know about shows or anything, I just wanted to look like that. I decided to compete later on after learning about competitions, then going to one and then I knew for sure that was something I wanted to do.

Q: Was competing something your family and friends supported at the time, and how about now?
A: Yes, however, competing is a very solitary thing, at least to me, and I've always done what I wanted to do, felt driven to do, regardless of having support or not.

Q: Was the first show what you expected? Did anything surprise you?
A: I just went in with an open mind and learned as much as I could, it's all very surreal.

Q: Can you share your contest history.
*Jr. California 2006-- 2nd Place
*July 4th Venice Beach 2007-- 2nd Place
*Jr. California 2007-- 1st Place
*Venice Beach Labor Day 2009-- 2nd Place, Best Back Award
*Tournament of Champions 2009--1st Place, Overall Winner
Photos: http://dallasmalloy.wordpress.com/championship-bodybuilding/

Q: What do you consider your best body part, or the one that gets the most compliments?
A: Legs/abs.

Q: Do you have a favorite part to train or favorite exercise?
A: That changes all the time, I have to change up my routine frequently to keep myself challenged. I usually like training glutes and shoulders. I love posing.

Q: What is your normal training routine and diet like, and how does it alter for contest prep?
A: The training routine is usually 5 days a week, with a boxing workout and/or other cardio 3-4 times/week, the diet is too complex to get into, but contest prep is the most difficult, very strict, hungry all the time, but looking my best for sure so it's worth it.

Q: When people see your physique for the first time, what is the most common response? More positive or negative?
A: I get a mix, admiration, fear, jealousy, hate, attraction, you name it, I get it.

Q: When they see it that first time, what is the one question you are sick of hearing?
A: I have to pick just one? :) OK, how about: "so you must work out a lot huh?"

Q: Are there any misconceptions about female bodybuilders, or things you wish people knew?
A: I don't pay attention to stereotypes, I think bodybuilding is very misunderstood, and anytime people generalize or make assumptions they're in the wrong. Sometimes people are shocked to find out I'm a classical pianist, or that I'm a writer, because they've judged me as one-dimensional. I guess some people think bodybuilders are narcissistic, I can only speak for myself, and it couldn't be further from that: Bodybuilding is half sport, half art, looking in the mirror is to critique, to see where I need to sculpt, add muscle, learn to display better with my posing, not to admire. It's complex, it's 90% mental, and requires intelligence. Most people have no understanding of this.

Q: If someone came up to you and said they wanted to start the sport, what is the one piece of advice you would want to give them?
A: Save yourself a lot of time and energy by getting someone to train you properly (like me), someone who knows Bodybuilding, the nutrition, everything it takes. It is not for most people, the mental toughness and discipline required is not something most people seem to have or want to find even if they do.

Q: Are there any bodybuilders you are a fan of or admire?
A: I love Bev Francis from the 80's/90's, David Henry, and Hidetada Yamagishi.

Q: Do you have a favorite cheat food?
A: Pizza, Mexican food

Q: You also do personal training. How can potential clients contact you and what all kinds of services do you offer?
A: dallasmalloy1@gmail.com
I train in the LA area, in-home and gym training, all skill levels, mass building, fat loss, boxing, core/balance

Q: What do you most enjoy about training others?
A: Being able to help them get the body they want--but also to see their self-esteem, confidence and energy get better and better--to be a part of helping them change their life is awesome!

Q: Lets talk about your acting. You have done many different things. Can you share where people may have seen you, or at least some of the highlights?
A: Here is some of my work: http://dallasmalloy.wordpress.com/reels/ To mention a couple things, I portrayed myself in the opening of Jerry Maguire, have done extensive theater work, had a major guest starring role on Eli Stone on ABC.

Q: How did you get involved in acting and what do you most enjoy about it?
A: I intuitively knew I'd be an actor since I was 14, I've done many other things most of which I can tie into my acting. It is difficult to verbalize what I enjoy most about it because it is such a part of me, it is just something I must do, something I've actually always done. When I was a kid and would watch movies I would sort of become one of the characters, I would embody them, their energy ... it's an exploration of the self, different aspects of who I am, a totally live creative process.

Q: When you actually find free time, any hobbies or activities you enjoy?
A: I don't really have free time because everything I do is in some way related to my work-either bodybuilding, acting, writing or music--I've played the piano since I was 6. But I will take moments to observe and escape into nature, of course I love movies although I'm studying while I'm watching. I love my cat :)

Q: Can you describe a typical day in the life of Dallas Malloy.
A: If I have an acting job that can be all day, if I don't, then train clients, do my own training-weights and boxing, check the breakdowns (acting job listings) and email about 20 times throughout the day, go to a networking event and/or auditions, watch portions of a movie, practice the piano, work on a writing project, remember to breathe.

Q: What is one thing about you that people would be surprised to know?
A: Most people are surprised when they find out I play the piano.

Q: Favorite actor, movie, TV show, and musician?
A: Russell Crowe, Marlon Brando, Paul Giamatti, Dustin Hoffman, Daniel-Day Lewis, Linda Hamilton, Robert Deniro, Phillip Seymour Hoffman ... too many to mention.
A Beautiful Mind, Life is Beautiful, Lord of the Rings trilogy
(mostly re-runs) Arrested Development, MASH, Taxi, Seinfeld, I love Lucy

Q: Describe Dallas Malloy in five words.
A: Relentless, Tenacious, Disciplined, Passionate, Courageous.

Q: Now you also have a great website. Can you give out the address for that and tell people what they can find there.
A: www.dallasmalloy.com You'll find info about my acting, reels and other clips, info about my boxing, video of my fight, my popular inspirational blog, press photos and personal training information. I'm always adding more to it too!

Q: When all is said and done, how do you want to be remembered?
A: What a great question! That I helped and inspired people in all of my work, that by living my passion regardless of the barriers I had to overcome to get there or what society may have wanted for me, I was always true to myself and my art, and by doing so gave permission to others to do the same, that I was someone who only brought good into this world.

Q: Any set plans for 2010 as far as competing or more acting or anything?
A: I have some things coming up for acting that I can't talk about just yet, and competing will revolve around that. In the meantime I keep training and creating every day.

Q: Anything I may have missed that you want to take the time to plug or promote?
A: My website: www.dallasmalloy.com Comments are always welcome and appreciated! And please check out my blog entries under Dallas' Musings.

Q: Assuming you compete again, sponsors are important. Are you looking for any, and if so, how can they contact you and what are the getting in Dallas Malloy the athlete and competitor?
A: I am looking for sponsorship right now, they can reach me at dallasmalloy1@gmail.com I'd like to represent a sponsor who sees who I am and where I'm going--that I am absolutely relentless when it comes to my work including BB and competing, that I am a reliable professional that's passionate and enthusiastic about what I do, and I'd want them to be the same.

Q: Dallas, again I want to thank you for doing this. It is a huge honor for someone who has been a fan for 16 years. Anything you want to add before you go?
A: Thank you Jason, it's a pleasure and honor for me also!

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