Monday, March 8, 2010

Fightlife.....My Life....This Is What's Real by Tisha Rodrigues

Good grief, so much has gone down since my last blog.. I honestly
haven't had the time to journal. I haven't even been putting time into
my book. But I'm back and I promise to try and update more often. I
was pretty bummed when I lost my Mma opponent for GFight in Indiana,
so I did my first grappling tournament and had a blast, can't wait to
compete again. It was odd to not be able to punch my opponent in the
face, not being dramatic or anything, but takes getting use to! I was
trying for a Muay Thai fight on March 13, but apparently my opponents
trainers declined the fight. It's perfectly understandable as I have
had my trainers turn down fights they didn't think were good for me as
well. This time out however has been a huge eye opener for me. I have
been concentrating on the mental aspect of my game, getting deeply
back into my spirituality and just taking absolutely everything one
day at a time.

I feel awesome, strong and ready to line something up.
I have been getting some great fight offers for early summer, so it's
just a matter of sitting down with my coaches and doing what is best
for me. I'm also hoping to really get some boxing in my routine. We do
some boxing here and there but I'm talking solid boxing. I actually
just made friends with a super awesome guy named Jason Pires, who is a
professional boxer with a more than impressive record. He offered to
work with me, so hopefully we can get some work in soon. Between my
fight school The Boneyard and cross training with UFC fighter Jorge
Rivera at Tim Burrills Jiu Jitsu, my game is getting much tighter and
all the positive energy around me is proving that fighting is so much
more than physical work. So here is to hoping I'm back in the cage or
the ring very soon!!

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