Friday, March 12, 2010

The Christmas Tree Effect by Lindsey McFerran

Hello again Fellow Blog Readers,
So have you noticed you have been getting a little more nipply now LOL? If you haven't, don't fret you are probably feeling those other sign's I was talking about in the previous blog that I hope you all read religiously.

OK topic for today, Christmas trees, no..... not those kind of Christmas trees that you put the hallmark ornaments on.

I am talking about the Christmas tree that relates to how the back looks. If any of you have seen pictures of Pro bodybuilders and Figure competitors, you will notice they have a great Christmas tree shape in their back. It is really a sight to see, you just wish it would pop out at you and then you could put lights on it.

Well, why am I talking about this? Because I am starting to notice it in my physique. Yes, when I get out of the shower (boys.... no dirty thoughts please) and I practice spreading my lats. Yes, I practice spreading my lats when I am wrapped in my towel getting out of the shower. That is also when I practice a lot of my posing. For me it is a good time because I have the music playing, and what better way to POSE THEN IN THE NUDE.

OK, enough talking about my naked posing sessions, but I can write a special blog for all of you that are interested. The reason I am bringing up Christmas trees is because one of my focuses this off-season was to bring up my back. So the work I have put in has finally started to show off. Well, I don't really like to blog about what I do in my workouts because I think that would be boring to people. But I guess I will talk about the killer back workout I had yesterday. So sorry in advance to bore you.

Ladies and Gentleman, this one was a killer one; nipples harden, sweat dripping, and back muscle contradicting.

So lately I have been using cables more than dumbbells. Just for the fact that since I lift alone ( I know tear) cables are more effective at getting a training effect. When I say "training effect", I am talking about the feeling of the muscles working and contradicting. I lift based on feel, so if I am not feeling it, then there is something wrong with my workout. Cables help me to feel my back working better because it makes it harder for me to cheat. Sometimes using dumbells for rows, you can cheat by swinging your body and using your momentum. Using cables for rows, it is a lot harder to cheat, TRUST ME on this people. Also, for a little extra fun, I recommend you try cables for pullovers ooo baby ooo baby that will get some muscle spasming and nipple popping going on, which could be better then even SEX.

Also, since I am about 20 weeks out from my next show, whoop whoop, I probably will not be able to put on any size before I start the dieting down process (says my trainer who I worship the ground this MUSCLE MAN walks on).

I have changed my rep range of my workouts. I have started doing 20 rep sets that will help me to tighten up and condition the muscle even more. I bet you guys are thinking 20 rep sets, you must be using light weight. HELL to the NO would I use light weight, that is for SISSY'S. I use as heavy of weight as much as I can, but still try to maintain a pretty strict form. If my form goes to crap then I simply lower the weight and sometimes if I lower the weight I increase the reps. Also, I practice high volume training instead of going for a certain number of sets. I try to crank out as many sets as I can in the span of usually an hour. So let's just say I am like the energizer bunny and constantly going rep after rep, set after set, grunting and yelling. (Yes I am a sight to see in the weight room)

I am not like those casual lifters that do a set, socialize for 20 minutes, then do another set. That is not me, don't talk to me when I am lifting. If the headphones are on, that means shut the hell up, I am doing work here.

Sorry, side tangent people. Back to the 20 rep workouts. I have only been doing these workouts for about a week, but holy crap, you can feel the muscle working overtime and they are even harder then lifting super heavy for 6 to 8 reps.

Why are they even harder??????? Let's think about this and how it relates to the time under tension principle.

Professor Lindsey is in Da house,

OK people, so when you lift heavy for 6 to 8 reps, that is about 20 seconds or so of tension palced on your msucles. So now when you lift heavy, in the 20 rep range, that is about double the time, so about 40 seconds placed under your msucle. So therefor, with the 20 rep set, there is more time udner tension placed on your muscles because you are lifting the weight for a longer perdiod of time. This in turn means the muscles are working harder, more contracting, more burn, more spasming, and more conditioning which equals

Drum Roll Please...............


There you have it ladies and Gentleman, THE CHRISTMAS TREE EFFECT.

Keep reading and let me know if there is anything you want me to blog about. YOu can Facebook me or email me at

AYO AYO AYO, keep training hard and your eye on the prize. I am gonna go practice some naked posing now!

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