Sunday, April 17, 2011

Rene Marven Interview

Rene Marven started in Figure and always brought an amazing physique to the stage and always did well. This year she decided to give bodybuilding a shot. In her first bodybuilding show, she won her WNBF Pro card. Quite an impressive bodybuilding debut. She also entered Figure that night and did really well there as well. With hard work, Rene has built and incredible physique, with a great back, and some of my favorite biceps in the sport. Rene is someone who can achieve any goal she has. I expect a huge year for Rene where she just keeps getting better.

Q: Rene, I want to thank you for taking the time for another interview.
A: Thank you for the opportunity!

Q: For those who may not be familiar, can you tell a little about yourself.
A: I'm 24 years old, former Figure competitor now competing in bodybuilding.

Q: Congrats on winning your WNBF Pro card.
A: Thank you so much! :)

Q: What does winning your pro card mean to you personally?
A: It has been a goal of mine since I started in 2007!

Q: Now you started in Figure, now Bodybuilding. Why did you decide to move to bodybuilding?
A: I actually started in Figure when there were no bikini or fit body divisions yet... As the INBF added new divisions, I entered them- Always wanted to try everything! After competing in 2009 in the figure division at 125 lbs in line ups with girls weighing 100-105 lbs, I thought "maybe I should be doing bodybuilding instead" LOL!! Don't get me wrong, I did well in the Figure division but I think a lot of that had to do with my stage presentation and posing. After that season I through the idea around about switching to bodybuilding, got some good feedback from my family, boyfriend, and friends and that was all I needed...

Q: You also decided to compete in Figure on the same night. Why did you decide on that?
A: Ha! Guess I couldn't completely say goodbye to my high heels! Here's the story.... After the 2009 Season I got sponsored by Terry Benedetto of Fabulous Fitwear for competition suits. Back then I was still considering Figure, As I started dieting for Bodybuilding I asked her to still make a "figure type suit" that I could wear in the INBF FIT BODY division (a cross between figure and bodybuilding) just in case I didn't end up looking all ready for bodybuilding. Well, the suit she sent me was gorgeous!!!! I was planning on using it for a different show, just to promote her site and have some HOT photos taken in it! hehe ;) The Thursday before my show I was packing my competition suit case and thought it would be a good idea to bring the figure suit as a back up for the evening show when BB are allowed to wear any style suit they want... I had an awesome pink one from her that I LOVED- but its always a good idea to bring a back up just in case... Also note, I had a client entering Figure novice and new we would be taking photos together so I thought, "Heck, why not bring my figure heels too for pictures" They look pretty! Well.. Friday I decided to just go and enter Figure too... I really love being on stage and I wanted to wear all of my suits!!! Thanks Terry!!!! (BTW, that figure suit is for sale on her site now...)

Q: Did you have any expectations being that it was your first time in bodybuilding? A: I would never tell someone to enter a contest that they were not ready for, I follow that with myself as well. I did my work in the gym, stuck with my diet, everything was working and I felt prepared and ready for competition. Feeling how I did getting ready for this show was better than any show I did in the past... I'd already exceeded my expectations before even stepping on stage. I truly was happy every second that day, and winning was the icing on the cake! (well, the Cheesecake after the show was good too... haha!)

Q: Is it safe to say you are sticking with bodybuilding now?
A: For now, yes! LOL At least this year.... I am interested in seeing how this new division in the NPC (physique) takes off, and would consider entering that in the future.

Q: Was there anything that was hard for you in terms of the switch?
A: Learning the mandatory poses wasn't too bad after a few times practicing... but holding them was a lot harder than I expected! I was shaking, sweating, and even cramping a little when I first started practicing them in April 2010 about 1 year before my show. (its never too early to practice posing, seriously!) I even had my music picked out and was starting to choreograph my posing routine. I really think starting that early helped me out a lot!

Q: What do you think was the standout part of your physique or was it more just very symmetrical?
A: I think my back and rear delts really stand out in a line up. I am still working on improving my legs to be tighter and show more separation... when that happens I'll be happier with my symmetry.

Q: Was the prep any different for you for bodybuilding that past preps?
A: Peak week was pretty similar except that on Friday I ate more carbs and Saturday morning I ate a few small pancakes with maple syrup instead of a few egg whites or a rice cake and PB like I did in the past! LOL I LOVE BODYBUILDING! ;)

Q: Anything you learned about this prep that you want to do different next time?
A: I was happy with how I performed my routine in this show, but at the same time I was WAY excited to be doing it for the first time that I didn't hold my poses as long as I wanted to in some spots and then I realized and held the end poses too long... lol the music stopped and I still had a couple more poses to hit, which I did anyway! Just a few little things that I know will come out better the next show since I've got that 1st time under my belt now!

Q: They announce you as the winner. Whats the first thought that came to your mind?
A: "I'm number 50, that's me.... YESSS"!!!! I was sooo happy!!

Q: That is really actually a big accomplishment. Any extra pride in that?
A: I was proud of myself, yes! :)

Q: From pics I have seen, you seem really confident doing bodybuilding poses. Is that an accurate statement?
A: LOL after a year of practicing, I can say that is an accurate statement NOW! hehe In the past I could hit a double bicep, or lat spread and think it was pretty good...but I was unsure where to put my leg or how to flex my hamstring or calf depending on the pose. Bill Young, my boyfriend taught me his secrets on posing and called me out when I needed to fix something during practice. The photo shoots I've done also helped, because they allow me to pose however I want giving me lots of extra practice! I was confident in posing weeks before the show, just couldn't wait to get on stage!

Q: Was there anyone else you saw that impressed you?
A: During the show I really didn't pay attention.... Whenever I wasn't getting ready to go on stage I was actually laying down trying to relax... actually was a long day- I had an Ipod and took a nap. I did watch the Figure novice class that my client entered (placed 2nd) and was impressed with the group of girls on stage. Lots of pretty, fit girls! I wanted to order the video but there was no one recording the show... the pictures came out great and I saw there was a lot of talent on that stage!

Q: Anyone you want to thank for helping you with the process?
A: My boyfriend, Bill Young who is also my training partner! Also, my mom who helps me out in the kitchen a LOT!!!

Q: Any idea when you will be on stage next?
A: LOL, I cant stay away from the stage! My client told me about another natural show coming up in Albany NY in just 3 weeks (MAY 7th) So I decided to enter! I plan on competing as much as I can this season!

Q: Anything you want to plug or promote?
A: My website,! I am available for online training, meal plans, even competition posing! I offer live posing lessons for women who live locally... Men, feel free to contact me as I can refer you to a posing coach!!
Check out for custom made posing suits and bikinis! Terry Benedetto is great, she even has ready made suits for sale- great for photo shoots!!
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Q: Are you looking for sponsors? If so how can they reach you?
A: Yes I am looking for sponsors. The can email me

Q: So, how does this sound, "Rene Marven, Pro Bodybuilder"?

Q: Rene, again congrats, you looked amazing and I am really happy for you. Any last words before you go? Thank you so much!
A: I appreciate all your support and truly love this sport! Can not wait to get out there again!!!


  1. I liked the story about her jumping into the Figure competition to show off her suit...looked gorgeous. I think Rene makes a beautiful natural female bodybuilder. She's another woman I can add to my inspiration wall. Thanks!

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