Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brea's Blog by Brea Sharron

There is a rare breed of us, we are not “normal.” We eat, sleep, and breathe this. Our training is not a hobby or just a sport for us it is our job, our identity our passion our desire, our drive; quite simply it is our lives. Anything short of selling our souls to the devil to improve, we will do. We sacrifice time, energy, friends, family, comfort and food day after day trying to find balance between what we hold most dear to our hearts. We don’t get vacations or “time off.” We analyze our entire lives day in and day out are but picked apart from head to toe by almost everyone we come in contact with, good or bad but we always go back for more. Our lives are down to a science from what we eat to when we eat, to how we eat it, to when we sleep to, when we train, what we train and how we train it. We are always studying, always learning, always analyzing, always improving and always fighting.

Some may say we are stupid, crazy, or even bad sports, sore losers, so forth and so on, we are just impossibly hard on ourselves, but no disrespect is ever meant to anyone especially to our competitors, they understand they’ve been there too. Our emotions always seem to be on the line and as frustrated as we may become, quite frankly we know will never be good enough for ourselves no matter how placements fall, how much we improve and how far we come. It is all just another step, and we will always be a work in progress. But that’s just it, it’s our passion, it’s our drive, it’s what we love and it’s what keeps us going... it’s that fire that just can not be put it... it’s why we do what we do...

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